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    Good afternoon Atlantic Chapter members!

    I hope you are all enjoying this blustery New England afternoon, well at least in CT it's blustery with a bit of sunshine thrown in. We are just coming off a wonderful Mothers Day and entering into National Police Week. Staff put up a candle with the C.O.P.S. blue ribbon and a beautiful note to the officers so that they know how much we appreciate them.

    Spring is almost done and summer is quickly approaching, but your Conference Committee is hard at work for the Fall Conference - check out the Conference link on the website; it has also been posted under Events on PSConnect. From what I am hearing, it's going to be another wonderful event. With our Chapter Conference comes the Fall Training Initiative as well as Chapter Awards. It has never been easier to apply for the Training Initiative, it's all done on line, but there is a deadline - September 1st will be here before you know it, so apply early. Awards is the second category that has always been exciting to watch and participate in. This wonderful Chapter has so many unsung hero's - Radio men & women / Directors / Trainers / Supervisors and Line staff. Look around your agency, I bet you have that one special person. Again, it's very easy to submit their nomination as it is completed on line, and all submissions will be forwarded to International for next years review and consideration.

    I'm hoping that many of you are considering a run for office on the Executive Board, as you know at conference it is the changing of the Guard. There is no better way to serve your Chapter and learn about yourself, then sitting on the Board. It is not something you take lightly, there is responsibility and commitment that goes with it, but the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment is one that you will cherish. It gets harder and harder to find people who will take that step, and that leap of faith to run, and there is nothing saying that you will make it, just ask anyone who has run for a position and lost, it can be devastating, but you pull yourself up, and run again. Just ask some of our past Board members!. Think of it this way, this is your chance to make a difference and if you don't try you will never know if you could have done it. Just remember, these positions aren't resume builders or a time to just kick back and let someone else do the work or hope the work gets done, it's an honor and privileged to be on the Board, as we are accountable to YOU.

    Our Executive Council Representative Charlene has posted yet another very informative report, and one item that keeps cropping up is membership, some of us are noticing a trend in Full Member categories vs On line Members and what that could mean for involvement not just on the Chapter level but on the International level also. Both the Chapter and International need YOU (the WE in APCO) to keep us running, and to let the Boards (both Chapter and International) know what your needs are. Without us taking an active role and participate in the organizations, nothing will get accomplished. I have heard some say that "it's the same old people who run things", if it wasn't for those "old people" who would be taking up the mantle of responsibility? Neither of these wonderful organizations can run themselves and if you look at the composition of the Executive Committee that will take the stage in Denver this year, history is being made, a full all woman Board - from President to Immediate Past President, not just because they are women, but because of who they are - where they come from and where they have taken us, such diversity, and just think, they got where they are by taking that one small step and they got involved!

    Well, I think I will spend some quality time with my staff and see how they are doing on this fine afternoon. Keep your eyes on PSConnect and the website for information on Conference - Brian has already sent out a request for an RSVP if you will be attending the Chapter Night Out in Denver - if you haven't sent him a response do it now as without an RSVP you won't be able to attend and that would be sad.

    As always, if you need anything or have questions contact the Board - your Executive Council Representative or me, we are here for YOU!

    Stay safe and train well,