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    Good afternoon Atlantic Chapter Members - it's another hot and steamy day here in CT and we're just waiting on storms that are supposed to be moving through this afternoon and evening. Hopefully it will cool things off a bit, but we know not to complain about heat after so many of us complained about the cold!

    It's almost the end of June, only a couple of short weeks before we celebrate the 4th of July and then before you know it we will be meeting in Denver. By now you have seen the postings from Brian regarding the Chapter Night Out on Monday the 14th (August) - this is our way of thanking members for all that they do and celebrating our Chapter. When you look at the list of attendee's who will be attending, the history is kind of mind blowing. So many Life and Senior members in attendance, I for one will enjoy sitting and talking with them so they do what they do best - MENTOR us for our future in the Chapter and International.

    I know that I have much more that I want to do, not just for the Chapter but as a member of APCO International. I have just finished up chairing the Aging in the PSAP Task Force, (with assistance from several of own Atlantic Chapter members - from members to Group Leader - we were well represented), now I am on to committee work within the ByLaws and hopefully my second choice, along with facilitating a section of the current RPL class. Denver hopefully will see other opportunities to contribute to APCO, as I will volunteer (along with a few other of our Chapter Members) as well as have the honor of introducing one of the speakers at a session. Then there will be time to catch some classes and network with friends - yup, it's going to be a great experience. Before you know it we will all meet again in October in Maine for our conference.

    There are so many opportunities out there for us, but sometimes it seems as though it's the same people who are always doing things, now don't get be wrong, those people (like me) really enjoy doing what we are doing because we have a love for this Chapter and for who we are and what we do, but you know as well as I do, that some day we won't be here and someone else will have to take over - could that "someone" be you? I hope so. I want to be involved and don't mind putting myself out there (just look at how many postings I've done so far but I sometimes wonder where everyone is and are they hearing what is being said, and being blunt, do they care?

    Everything is not Facebook - Twitter and Instagram, it's talking face to face, that interaction that we all need, and that's what makes conference so special. We put faces to names and really get to know someone. Find out for yourself where you want to go within the Chapter and Association. There are rewards for what we do - Senior Member and/or Life Member as well as the satisfaction that you have contributed to a little bit of history by getting involved.

    So, regardless if you are a full member or an on-line member - GET INVOLVED, if you are not involved you won't know what's going on and if you have questions or concerns or want to know how to get involved, give me a call (or email works great too) - or touch base with anyone on the board. Better yet, click on the About Us tab, sit back with a cool glass of iced tea or coffee, and hear Tom Catino speak and read about our history from Richard Boettcher, and then browse through those amazing names under the various links. We are a proud Chapter and I for one am glad to be apart of it.

    Until next time - Be Safe and Train Well!! PS - Don't forget to sign up for the Chapter Night Out Dinner if you are attending - it's really important AND we have the Fall Initiative and the Blesso Scholarship AND nominate someone for an AWARD (the links are under the About Us tab).


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    Well said Maureen!

    Getting involved can be VERY rewarding.


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      Getting involved and/or volunteering is for sure both easy & rewarding. But most of all spectacular in meeting/working with so many people from all walks of life.
      Lawrence Lafferty
      Watertown Police Department
      Watertown, CT 06795
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