Life Member Status



Some Atlantic Chapter members may be eligible for designation as LIFE MEMBERS of APCO International and even more could be recognized as SENIOR MEMBERS of APCO. During the Chapter conference at Stowe, VT this year that question was asked by many in attendance. Your chapter Historical Committee is charged with researching and validating the efforts of our members who have improved the quality of APCO International and, in particular, our Atlantic Chapter.

To assist you in answering the question "have I earned the honor of such recognition?" the Chapter Historical Committee developed a "checklist" that will enable you to answer the question. It is important to remember that the Association members themselves have defined what makes a SENIOR or LIFE MEMBER such prestigious awards. These definitions are spelled out in the APCO International Policy Manual under Article IV: Membership. Section 4.3 defines the SENIOR MEMBER category and Section 4.4 defines the LIFE MEMBER category.

If, after using our checklist, you think that YOU qualify for these awards you should create an electronic folder to hold the documentation you have gathered to validate your title. In your "folder" you should explain how you qualified for each possible definition such as articles written; committee participation; speaker at conferences hosted by APCO; an elected member of a governing board; and many other accomplishments that qualify by providing written documentation including copies of your articles or perhaps, a letterhead that would have your name and position if you were/are a chapter officer. The cover of a conference program along with a reference to your session that you spoke at or participated in may also validate your nomination.

Forward the "folder" along with the nomination form to the Chapter Historical Committee for review and verification. We have an extensive library of past events that were compiled by Rich Boettcher over the years.

The Historical Committee will send the completed and verified nomination to the Chapter Executive Board for endorsement.

The Historical committee then sends the nomination and endorsement to the Executive Director of APCO International for further vetting by the APCO Credentials Committee. Having been approved by that committee the nomination winds up at the APCO International Executive Committee for, in the case of a SENIOR MEMBER, approval and notification to the chapter.

In the case of a LIFE MEMBER nomination the Executive Committee will recommend it to the Quorum of the next Annual Association meeting. An affirmative vote of the quorum will allow the honor to be bestowed during the closing ceremonies.

Once LIFE MEMBER has been granted the member becomes a true dignitary of the association and will be awarded a complimentary registration for themselves and their spouse to the conference and any future conference for life. There are other "entitlements" defined in the Policy Manual.

The Chapter Historical Committee strongly encourages questions from the membership regarding these procedures. Please contact us at Our mission is to increase the number of chapter members who may be entitled to be recognized as SENIOR or LIFE MEMBERS of this great association.

Alan Armitage ‡*

James Blesso *

Richard Boettcher, RPL *

Tom Catino

J. Westley Chupp *

David Clemons

Norman Coltri

Frank Devine ‡*

David Diamond

Charlene Fisk, RPL, CPE

Joseph Gallelli ‡

Michael Mangini

Irving McAndrew ‡*

Harlin McEwen

Joseph McNeil ‡

Gary Perkins

Robert Schlieman

Vincent Stile ‡

Peter Thomas

Jeffrey Vannais*

Emil Thomas Vogel*

Joseph L. Yurman

Maureen Will, RPL, CPE


To be a Life Member of APCO is one of the highest achievements of a member's career within the Association. To find out more about what is required to reach this milestone, select the link Life Member.


‡ - Past International President

* - Deceased