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President’s Channel: 2020 a Time for Reflection and Change

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  • President’s Channel: 2020 a Time for Reflection and Change

    With absolute certainty we can say 2020 has bestowed a tremendous burden upon public safety across the United States. From the impact of the pandemic to the civil unrest, our lives and our profession have changed. Many of your Board of Directors are actively working in an emergency communications center and know firsthand how overwhelming and stressful this time in history truly is.

    We are faced with a period where some have lost faith and trust in public safety. Our brothers and sisters in law enforcement have been challenged and deeply impacted by events across the nation over the past month. Our emergency communications centers and public safety telecommunicators are often the first point of contact the public has in a time of need. There has never been a more important time to rise to the occasion as first responders. It is vital that within our personal and professional lives we raise the bar.

    To further our commitment to the membership, our emergency communications centers, our industry partners and the public safety community, APCO’s leadership is in the process of scheduling a meeting with key stakeholders to evaluate diversity and equality within our arena. It is as leaders that we must constantly monitor and examine the need for awareness, education and change.

    It is up to each of us to embrace this change and move forward to foster trust among those we serve.