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June 2020 Member Chapter Services Newsletter

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  • June 2020 Member Chapter Services Newsletter

    Good morning Atlantic Chapter Members:

    Attached you will find the June 2020 Member Chapter Services Newsletter for your reading pleasure. As always, it is packed with the latest news and information to educate and inform our membership. This issue is a little bittersweet, as there are some "lasts" associated with it - APCO International President Tracey Hilburn has her final column, not only in the newsletter, but within the PSC Magazine which was posted online yesterday - some of the MCSN committee members who put together the newsletter will also not be returning, to include the Atlantic Chapters own Dave Diamond! Thank you Mr. Diamond for your committee service and always ensuring the Atlantic Chapter members are always kept up to date. A birdie tells me there is probably one other person moving forward from the committee into another arena within APCO, but that's his news to share and it's good news for him and our committees.

    There are informational articles of interest on free webinars for APCO members as well as a long list of online training we can take advantage of to keep our skills honed, Explore the 911 Resources such as the PSConnect COVID-19 Discussion Forum that ALL of us should be taking advantage of as well as the APCO Resources created to aid our members in learning more about how we can stay better prepared now and in the future which includes FREE Webinar Recordings!

    Pursue the Historical Committee and look in the online museum for information on the organizations history (and maybe find a nugget or two about our own Atlantic Chapter and it's members) then check how our own Executive Board keeps themselves up-to-date with information on best practices - guidance and growing the Chapter within the Membership section of your My APCO link - for you NEW members, there is a section just for you! A resource that we should all have bookmarked is the APCO ProCHRT Toolbox, this is a MUST for all our members as is there something there for everyone!

    FInally, take minute to honor our Silent Keys, Emil Thomas Vogel from the Atlantic Chapter and Helen Rushing from the Mid Eastern Chapter - their full information is included and Mr. Vogel has a place of honor here within our website, in the Silent Key forum, along with many others who shared the Love of Chapter - Love of Association with so many of us.

    So, enjoy your reading - you will learn new things then share that learning with others!

    06 20 MCSC Newsletter.pdf

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    Once again you've provided us all a very informative post. Mr Diamond will truly be missed on that committee as he is often active and provides a lot of experience with whatever he touches.

    Thank you Maureen!


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      Very informative, thank you