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    Good morning Atlantic APCO:

    In a few short hours for the first time, instead of an in person business meeting where our membership comes together to hear the state of the Association - vote on Life Member designations and hear from the candidates running for office, we will be sitting in front of our computers listening to all of that, but without the benefit of turning to one another to make a comment or ask a question. This year we will miss the opportunities that many have taken for granted about conference - those face to face contacts, feeling the energy from the room as a great speaker motivates us to do more - be more, and seeing our new Executive Committee take the oath of office before us, then leaving conference renewed about what we do, but most of all remembering great experiences and new friends.

    One thing that doesn't change is our responsibility to vote. You have three people who have put themselves out there for our membership, and we have been challenged to get more of our members to exercise that right to make a choice and vote. Voting is open until 2 pm Eastern on July 31st. So go onto the APCO International website OR you can find the link right here on the Chapters website, just click the Links tab - the voting "button" is on the right hand side of the APCO International site.

    Another change is our representative to Member and Chapter Services. Gregory Putnam from Derry NH is our new representative for the committee, stepping in for David Diamond who served us so well. If you have material such as photo's or articles that would be appropriate not just for MCS but for our OWN newsletter, pass it through Nicholas Bridle our Media Chair so that we can get it out to the appropriate people. We have a lot to share from this Chapter and we are all proud of the work that is being done.

    Although we will not be meeting this year, the work of the Chapter continues, your Board meets every month and takes care of business and plans for the the future. Each of us on the Board works for YOU and we (I) encourage you to reach out to us at any time with questions, comments or concerns. I'm looking at the future, and regardless of COVID-19, our future is bright, there is so much opportunity for us if we just take the time to listen to the voices around us, take a stand - make a choice - get involved. Put yourself on a path and then see where it leads you - you might be surprised who might join you on that journey!

    Take care friends - enjoy the Business Meetings today and tomorrow. Stay safe and train well - enjoy the journey on your path and don't forgot to vote!!

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    I'd like to be one of the first to congratulate you on your recognition as a new APCO Life member as declared at today's General Session. I hope to see you in person long before you receive proper full recognition from all of APCO at the 2021 APCO Conference in San Antonio.! Take care and Congratulations! Jim K - APCO NH Advisor


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      I’ll be the second to officially congratulate you on your well deserved achievement!!!


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        I am one very lucky lady and truly appreciate the congratulations! Soon we will be together again to celebrate ALL of us!!