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APCO-ATLANTIC Chapter Award Nominations are open

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  • APCO-ATLANTIC Chapter Award Nominations are open

    Chapter award nominations are open!

    It is time to recognize our co-workers or teams with a nomination to the APCO Atlantic Chapter Awards Committee. We need to keep the momentum from last year's awards and show each other the respect and appreciation that we have for each other.

    Be on the lookout for a Save, a challenging childbirth, a major event, or just someone who consistently pushes the bar and elevates the team to higher levels.

    We are first responders, protecting our communities and holding that line every day. The recognition starts with us. So let's recognize our dedicated and deserving chapter members and show how proud we are of what we do. Let's get to work and submit those nominations!


    Award categories, descriptions, and the nomination forms can be found on the website, under the "About Us" tab. You can access them here:

    We will be accepting your nominations from 03/01/21 through 06/30/21 for the following categories: ·

    - Telecommunicator/Dispatcher of the Year
    · Trainer of the Year · Director of the Year
    · Supervisor of the Year
    · Team / Group of the Year
    · Radio Frequency Technologist of the Year

    Please note, incomplete nominations will not be scored. A question answered with anything similar to "see below" will not be considered a complete response. Each question must be answered with enough detail to accurately score that specific component. You may also note that all questions are now specific to the award category for which it is being answered (a change from prior years).

    Award recipients in individual categories will receive a full complimentary conference registration and hotel accommodations. Team / Group of the Year will receive one (1) full complimentary conference registration and hotel accommodations for one (1) representative of the team/group.

    Remember - Nominations will be accepted until June 30th. Don't miss the deadline!