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Labor Day - Different Meaning for Different People

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  • Labor Day - Different Meaning for Different People

    Good afternoon Chapter Members:
    Been awhile since I've been on the forum talking about opportunities and chances, but got a little busy with the 2022 Conference in Anaheim and it was really great to see so many NEW faces from our Chapter there (I even got to sit and chat with some new friends - they won't forget what the "V" stands for on their badges - Being the Conference Chair was an experience I will NEVER forget, and the support team that was in place is what also made us such a success. The nay sayers who thought it couldn't be done were in for a surprise, never under estimate a Northern Atlantic Chapter woman!

    So, the conference is behind us, what is there for future? Well, as I sit at the EOC on this Labor Day and hear my staff working diligently handling traffic from EMS and PD on a parade overflow - traffic issues, a road hazard and hearing the phones ring up here, their Labor Day is just like yours - working holiday, and for some a labor of love. Each one of us has a different way of enjoying this holiday, and each of us enjoys different "labors of love.' For me it involvement in the Chapter and Association, for others it's championing a cause - like Reclassification (Hi Jim!) others look around and see what interests them. Today I'm looking at two different labors, Compassionate Care and support for the PROTECT 9-1-1 Act.

    Once again a box of love will find it's way to Virginia because of a shooting, and once again someone is asking for an Active Assailant policy, labor of love that cuts each time it happens, but the Hearts of Hope that will fill the box sometimes eases the pain. Look into Hearts of Hope, the Chapter in Newtown is now painting them in honor of PST's (yes YOU) and they go in the box with notes of love and support. The second requires YOUR help too - this legislation will provide support for mental health, one in seven 9-1-1 professionals reports recent thoughts of suicide, which is alarming - the legislation was introduced into the House with bipartisan support (HR 4319) but there needs to be bipartisan introduction.

    Now it's off to harassing interns at three Senators offices - see, this bill will establish grant programs for wellness programs in 9-1-1 centers and it is NOT A FUNDING BILL, it would create best practices for preventing and treating PTSD in 9-1-1 and guidance for clinicians working with our staff. This would be a great moral booster for our people, and hello, I did just post to you about the Standard review - we need to do some work my friends!! One person can't do it all, WE need to work together and keep up this Labor of Love on this very special day, and everyday.

    WE can make the difference, WE are eight states strong, not one, not two, but EIGHT STATES strong! Lets show our muscle and our dedication to this profession. In a few short weeks we will be together once again at our conference, our voices need to be heard to OUR elected leadership, we want them to pick up the mantle and assist with this cause, just as the APCO CEO has publically stated he works for US, the members, it's not a popularity contest as to who get elected, nor should it ever be, as these men and women work for us, and we need them to help us with this fight.

    So, look into HR- 4319 and get involved, get involved with Jim and the Reclassification efforts, and get involved with the Chapter! Elections are almost here, I would love to see YOU running for a position, remember EIGHT (8) GREAT STATES - we need YOU. Enjoy what is left of this Labor Day, your labor of love is noticed, I promise you that!

    With respect,

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    Superb speech. For sure the Atlantic Chapter of APCO took charge of chairing/organizing APCO 2022. (Hats Off to the CA & TX folks who came onboard as committee members). As mentioned, the support staff stood tall in ensuring all facets of the conference went well. I only heard favorable/positive comments regarding the conference, and this was a 1st of all the conferences I've attending in the past 10+ years. I too, seen many new faces as well as some older ones. The TN folks for the Future Committee (APCO 2023) received an eye opening and took away a wealth of information for ensuring another fantastic conference, next year in Nashville, TN. Speaking of VOULUNTEES, I already signed up to Volunteer @ APCO 2023. My holiday was relaxing this year, however had my share of action both prior to and after the holiday.
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      Thank you, Maureen

      The Conference was a blast! I enjoyed my volunteering opportunities; The training sessions were superb and meeting all of the fantastic 9-1-1 pros from across the country in person was simply an amazing experience. As someone who has worked hard at recovering from the burn-out H.R. 4319 is just as important to me as H.R. 2351 and both bills need to be priority number 1, for our chapter and for the National Association. I am excited to be a presenter at this year's Fall Conference and I hope to see everyone at my 911Saves Act update session. We're so close to getting it done, let's push it over the finish line together!
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        We will get it done my friend - we will challenge not only ourselves but this Chapter to stand up and make some noise, WE are the ATLANTIC Chapter, WE are leaders and can get this done!