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Atlantic Chapter of APCO/NHEDA Fall Conference & APCO International Sunshine Fund

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  • Atlantic Chapter of APCO/NHEDA Fall Conference & APCO International Sunshine Fund

    It is with great sadness that I will miss the 2022 Atlantic Chapter Fall Conference. 1st time in 16 years. Unfortunately, the unexpected loss of my supervisor after courageously battling stage 4 cancer for 5 1/2 years and has recently metastasized, causing him to resign after 39 years of public safety service at only 58 years old. In addition, 1 full-timer retired & 1 part-timer became per diem, creating a scheduling burden for the remaining staff.

    On another note, I'm writing to encourage everyone attending the fall conference to reach deep into your pockets and make a donation to the APCO International Sunshine Fund. The Sunshine Fund has help many over the years, including people in the cognizant of the Atlantic Chapter.
    In the case of my supervisor upon diagnoses of his cancer, I submitted an application which was approved for funds to be provided. Then recently upon learning the more sever diagnosis causing him to resign and his wife become unemployed in order to care for, resulted in a loss of income, l submitted another application for assistance which also approved. The outpouring of support provided, especially the assistance from the APCO International Sunshine Fund, both the recipient and his wife were graciously appreciative.

    I'm sure there are many other stories from others can tell. In addition to donating while at the conference, I've made separate donations to the APCO International Sunshine Fund via online website In the search engine type in Sunshine Fund and then scroll down to where you click on a button to Donate.

    In closing I'd like to mention APCO International has been extremely happy with the ongoing support via donating from Atlantic Chapter. So, lets continue portraying the excellent reputation of the Atlantic Chapter for their ongoing compassion and care and make the Apco International Sunshine Fund --- "S H I N E"

    Thank you ALL in advance
    Lawrence Lafferty
    Watertown Police Department
    Watertown, CT 06795
    (W) 860-945-5200

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    Excellent write-up Lawrence Lafferty! The sunshine fund is an excellent resource that has helped many in our field, including myself. When you hit a wall and struggle to get through what you may be dealing with, the sunshine fund can make a difference. I know I'll be making my donation.


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      Larry - been a long time since we haven't seen you at a conference, but trust me, we all get it. The Sunshine Fund, along with Compassionate Care are really the hearts of our world. They help us when staff can be at their lowest, with just a card or note or a box of fun stuff. We should never just "assume' that someone else will take care of things, each one of us has a responsibility to just DO IT. You never know when you yourself can be on the receiving end of one of those wonderful boxes or envelopes. Our MECCA group made the decision to donate $500.00 to the Chapter for Compassionate Care purposes, and we have set up boxes throughout the state in ECCs where staff can just visit the Dollar Store buy some fun "stuff" and put it in the box, so that in the event something is needed, like the shooting of the two Bristol officers, a box will be ready to send.

      So Larry, I accept this challenge, (at least I won't be sending a dinner to North Carolina this time) of getting others to donate to the Sunshine Fund (and my check is also in the mail - thanks for the nudge Craig) and we'll see what we can muster up in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire! I might not see you at conference, but I will see you on Tuesday to present Greg with MECCAs plaque of appreciation for his service.