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A Prayer for Telecommunicators

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  • A Prayer for Telecommunicators

    Good afternoon Atlantic Chapter!

    Well, it's back to work after spending a wonderful five (5) days at the beautiful Omni Mt Washington in NH. The Chapters Annual Conference was a rounding success and many thanks to NHEDA and the conference committee for their hard work. During the time at conference so many new people were seen and the first ever New Attendee session was held to a packed room. Many thanks to our new President, Tammy DeWolf and Motorola for sponsoring this event, where the attendee's were introduced to each other, board members, the NHEDA President and give given a little history lesson by yours truly - it was a blast. What was even better, was to see so m any of the new attendees continue to network with one another and others, throughout the conference. This is how we grow and expand our Chapter.

    Session were amazing, and I heard from more than one person that they felt more energized about who they are and their profession because of the enthusiasm of the instructors, especially a young lady from Georgia. As you walked through the exhibit hall you saw old friends and new, Motorola - CCS (with Jennie and Gizmo) - RapidSOS - Tyler - Intrado - Central Square - On Star - Rapid Deploy -Priority Dispatch - First Net - Russ Bassett along with new and familiar names such as I Am Responding - Eventide - Virtual Academy - NGA - Wilmac - Mutual Link - Burlington Communications - and Secured Network, along with several others (my memory gets a little rusty) but you can see who along with the program while there is still time right here on the website under the conference tab. Our Public Safety Partners are always there for us, and being about to see them and thank them in person means a great deal, especially people like NCMEC and our own Frequency Advisors.

    Then we have have the awards dinner, a chance to honor our peers for a job well done. Having the introductions done by agency heads was special, and hearing the accomplishments makes you so proud of who we are and what we do. We have eight (8) great and wonderful states, and so many wonderful PSTs working every day, people like YOU, and someday when you least expect it, I'm sure I'll be seeing you walking up to receive the recognition that you so well deserve.

    There was a Halloween costume contest that was out of this world and let me tell you some of you are very creative! Lots of witches, a few cats. Bonnie and Clyde were amazing as was Jim Lockerbie dressed as the 911 Bill!! Jim was given a big surprise during conference, he received the Presidents Award from out going President Michael Davis. Jim has spend countless hours working on OUR behalf to get the 911 bill passed, and we have such a short window to get it done, but your help is needed, please take the time to call your Senator and push them to pass this bill as written. If you are not sure what to say or do, write to Jim, you'll find him on PSConnect and Facebook.

    Just before dinner, we had the pleasure of having the Invocation given to us by Reverend Lyn Winter of the shared Ministry of Lisbon & Landaff. Reverend Winter is an engaging and spirited speaker and she said she did some research on dispatchers before writing her invocation. She found that we always seem to be praying for others, never ourselves during times of crisis and stress - for the victims - the responders and families of loved ones, but never ourselves. Rev. Winter then proceeded to give and invocation that really touched our hearts, and was just what we needed to help cap off this beautiful week of conference. When she sat back down to our table, she was asked if she would mind sharing her prayer, and graciously handed it over where it was photographed by several - she also gave us permission to share it. I'm posting my copy on the wall in dispatch where staff can see it everyday, not in a break room or hidden away, but front and center because it was written from the heart, and it will give strength to us, and WE need prayers too! It's attached to this post, please print it out and display it proudly.

    Lots of words this posting, but I can't finish without congratulating President Tammy DeWolf - President Elect Cassie Leavitt - VP - Anne Camaro and our newest Member at Large, Stephen
    Bunker - may this term be as exciting and as productive as you imagine. This is the future of our Chapter and Association and it's a bright one!

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