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  • Announcement - 2nd VP Candidacy

    Good Afternoon Atlantic Chapter Members:

    I write to you today to formally announce my candidacy for 2nd Vice President of APCO International. I am pleased to have been a member of APCO International since 2000 and during that time I have worked on committees for both the Chapter and International, chaired a Task Force, ran for our Chapter board, and became your President. Along the way, I became a Senior and Life Member of the Association and currently serve as the Chapter Historian and current Secretary. I am proud to have chaired this past year’s annual conference in Anaheim, CA. My appreciation for the work that APCO does has never waned and I will continue to help where I can advance the mission of the Chapter and the international board.

    I have had the pleasure to work with most of you in the chapter. I have gotten to know many of you on a personal level as well as professional. I am firmly committed to the success of APCO and the good work that the Association does. Having been involved with public safety communications for my entire career, I appreciate the value of all who work in our emergency communication centers. From the line staff (our backbone) to the IT/radio technicians, trainers, leaders, and first responders, each of you play an integral role in the success of your centers and the safety of our citizens.

    I am asking today for your support for my candidacy. I am committed to being a viable and active Association board member. I will represent all of you on the board and ensure that you voice is heard. I do not take this responsibility lightly. The Atlantic Chapter has a long and proud history of service to APCO International (just look at our History page!). We have produced twelve (12) International Presidents starting in 1938 with Gerald Morris and culminating with Vincent Stiles in 2003. I hope to carry on this tradition by becoming your next 2nd Vice President

    I have shown you I am not afraid of hard work or stepping outside my comfort zone. I will hit the ground running upon election and am ready to face the challenges head on.
    Thank you for taking the time to listen to the first, of what I am sure will be many, updates and announcements about my candidacy. I cannot take this journey without you! If you have any questions, want to learn more about me or how I can be successful in this position, please reach out. As your representative on the board, I want to be sure that you are comfortable with me taking this position. I want to earn your vote and am appreciative of your support.

    203.948.3480 –cell
    203.270.4296 - office

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    It is my pleasure to support you and your vision. You are the epitome of service before self, I am honored to call you my friend. If there is anyone ready for this challenge, it is you. Let me know how I can help you!


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      I fully support your candidacy for the Office of the 2nd Vice President of APCO International. I will be honored to help your campaign in any way.