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New Year - New Hope - New Beginnings

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  • New Year - New Hope - New Beginnings

    Good morning Atlantic Chapter!

    Well, we are into a brand new year, a time when we make resolutions - look forward to new challenges and beginnings, but most of all, at least for me, it's a fresh start to a new day and a new way of doing business. Each year I always believe things will be better this year or that this year I'll do things differently, and sometimes I do, and then sometimes I just keep doing what I do, and maybe that's a good thing.

    This year for our Chapter you have a new board, some wonderful new opportunities to volunteer and get involved, and a whole lot of new people to welcome and get to know. Our last conference showed how important it is to embrace change and how mentoring is so important, just remember that packed room for New Attendees - it was so gratifying to see those new faces and see senior members of the Chapter embracing them and showing them all that we have to offer. Our President has created REPs (Regional Engagement Peers) to reach out to each of our States and keep the board posted on what is happening in their areas. maybe we can help with training or if a Compassionate Care package/card is needed we can facilitate that also. It's all about the community and communication.

    For many of us, we are looking ahead to our futures and what we want to accomplish - what about YOU? Are you interested in finding out about Senior or Life designations? If you do, we have help with that! Are you looking for volunteer opportunities - if so we have many wonderful committees always looking for good people (Bylaws - ProCHRT - Awards) and the ever-popular Conference Committee! We are having the conference in October in Albany NY, and are looking for some great people to give a helping hand. It doesn't matter if you know how to "do anything" that's what we are here for, mentoring, and each one of you has a special gift that we can use. Take a chance my friends - get ahold of the conference people and put yourself out there, you never know where it might lead!

    Me, I'm on a journey of my own, that of the 2nd VP of APCO International and it's a journey and experience I am looking forward to. I have mentors helping me along the way, a plan in place and I'm full of hope and optimum, just like those of you who are thinking of getting more involved within the Chapter and the Association. So, let's take the journey together, as in the words of President DeWolf, "Together WE are stronger." This Chapter is strong, we have our ups and downs, but without people like you who are reading this and taking that leap of faith, we couldn't be where we are.

    I look forward to hearing about your journeys and seeing you around the forums and then at the conference, where we can share our experiences. May we all be successful with our new beginnings, don't give up, there are so many people ready to walk with you on your journey (like maybe the RPL class or CPE or any new endeavor) you are never alone in the Atlantic Chapter!
    Enjoy this beautiful day and all the days to come!

    With respect,

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    Fantastic write-up.
    For sure the ATLANTIC CHAPTER OF APCO is strong, and will get stronger as mentioned, more members getting interested in volunteering and/or stepping up providing their skills etc.
    Challenges are always good. My immediate challenge is trying to tame the whirlwind at my workplace. I'm sure these in these days & time, I'm not alone. Also trying to persuade management as well co-workers to become APCO members.
    As in many times in the past, I'm willing to Volunteer as a Conference Committee member.
    Maureen - Like many others, I've observed your involvement with many facets of the chapter and providing successful outcomes. I have faith in your progression towards becoming 2nd VP of APCO International. Best of luck.
    Lawrence Lafferty
    Watertown Police Department
    Watertown, CT 06795
    (W) 860-945-5200