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Member Chapter Services September/October Newsletter and a Thank You

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  • Member Chapter Services September/October Newsletter and a Thank You

    Good afternoon:

    I've attached the latest newsletter from Member Chapter Services - and inside, there is an article that was written about Chapter Historians. I had the honor of being able to write it and have it published. There is also a wonderful article with a link on Compassion Fatigue, something so many of our PTS suffer from. If you have never perused the newsletter, I strongly urge you to do so. Each "news cycle" the Chapter has the opportunity to have something of interest published. Our representative is Thomas Ward, you can find his contact info on the last page of the Newsletter. Take a chance - there is so much talent in this Chapter and you have so much to offer, just think about it, it's nice being published!

    I also wanted to take the time to thank those of you who supported me during this past election. It was an eye-opener that's for sure - but I had fun made a lot of new friends and found out a lot about myself and others. So, learning is a GOOD thing and it's prepared me for the new horizons and doors that have opened for me. So again, thank you - I did my best and that's all anyone can ask of themselves and others.

    It's a short time until our Conference in Albany, but most importantly it's that time where a new Executive Board is elected or appointed. You have seen the postings on PSConnect as well as in the forum here - positions are open - take a chance and a leap of faith - either ask to be appointed or run for office. We'll help you through it! Think about it - maybe I'll see you at the Conference!

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