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  • Conference 2023 - ELECTIONS - 2023 - Random Thoughts

    Good afternoon Atlantic Chapter:

    The rain has subsided, well at least here in CT and I hope you are also seeing beautiful clear sky's and cool temperatures. That is a sure signal that it's time for the APCO-Atlantic Annual Chapter and Business Meeting. Soon we will be driving our way to Albany (and for those of you going through CT) - the traffic is freaking BRUTAL from the Rochambeau Bridge straight down to the NY state line - so bring patience!!!

    Once again there will be our Annual Business Meetings where elections are held. It is your duty and right as voting members to vote for candidates that will be there for the WE of our Chapter and who will, as many of our past leaders have done, bring us into the future. Shadowing the 2023 committee will be the 2024 Conference committee who will be guided into what the expatiations are for conferences. Members will be educated at the numerous sessions being offered - hear from the current board (so if you have questions - ask away!!!) and be introduced to those who are running for office. Personal plea here - TALK TO THEM - ASK QUESTIONS. What do YOU want to see from YOUR Board???

    Our outgoing President, Tammy DeWolf , will have a table set up for you to stop by and ask questions about committees and how to get involved with the Chapter, and I will be there at a table with our Historical items and Charter (for present & future RPL students you can check that off the assignment in Course 6). For those ladies out there (and the guys too) - Sara Weston from 911WonderWomen will be there and has a session I hope you attend, she is such an inspiration! Jim Lockerbie is also giving a presentation - now HE is a one man show (and he needs OUR HELP) when it comes to being tenacious in getting our reclassification done!

    Conference is a time to meet people - ask questions of your board and learn of your history. For some of our members, it maybe their last time at a conference - many of our members are getting older or they have done all they feel they can do for the Chapter and are opening new pages within their OWN history. What is YOUR story - what can YOU say you have done? This is the time to get involved because those that have come before you, they have done their job, mentored whom they thought will bring honor to the Chapter and Association. You may call them old, some call them dinosaurs, but they are are the HISTORY of this Chapter. As once quoted," You need to remember the past to know where you are going in the future, and you must always have faith". A new board will be sworn in also at the end of the conference - once again, it is your right to know and see who is representing the WE of the Chapter and ask of them what they are going to do for our future.

    So, what will you get out of Conference? A lot I hope. Many will be renewed in their passion for the Chapter and Association - others are in it for their own reasons, and still others are choosing to step away, and give room to others who want to make a change , so they will quietly say their goodbyes to people for whom they care for, and begin anew. Whatever your reasons, just be PRESENT at conference and at the Business Meetings - it is important, it's also a chance to be heard and seen. Whatever your reasons - our members are ALWAYS welcome at conference, travel safe.

    Until next time,