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    Good afternoon:
    Well, another weekend almost over and yet another winter weather advisory coming over the air - sooner or later we will have spring - well knowing New England we'll go right into summer! I was fortunate enough to spend several days at the Red Jacket in New Hampshire last week to attend (abet briefly) the New Hampshire Emergency Dispatchers Association (NHEDA) conference, as always I learned so many new things and enjoyed seeing YOU, our members. Tom Andross and his conference committee - you did an outstanding job and the pictures that you have posted don't show half the wonderful things that you all did. One photo I know many would be happy to see, was the one with the NHEDA past presidents AND the Atlantic Chapter past presidents - I believe there were 8 of us there and that's amazing. That's also one picture we would love not only to have on the website but also it's a beautiful part of our history.

    This history of this Chapter is something you should be proud of, and knowing that this Chapter has had 12 International Presidents says something about our membership. The Chapter has a special place within APCO International, not just because we are the largest Chapter, but because WE are involved! If someone asks our opinion on something, we give it - and there is thought and meaning in what we say. This Chapter has a long history of leaders, of people who think before they act and speak - leaders who look at the whole picture, not just a snapshot. Leaders who have been mentored and who listened to the voices, and made their decisions based on facts and history and love of the Chapter. Now many may scoff at that term "Love of Chapter" but we shouldn't, for if you don't have those who think of the whole Chapter, and who don't make decisions to be popular, then you have someone who chooses the WE, not the me. Those are the words of our past International President, Brent Lee, who's words are still spoken.

    There are so many of us within this Chapter who want to see you grow and evolve the Chapter, but that can't happen if you don't become involved and being involved means putting yourself out there and talking to the Board with your thoughts and concerns - there is nothing worse then hearing, "Well, I heard" or "They said" - have you ever wondered who "they" are? I know I do, if you have a question or a concern or just want to ask something, please all our contact information is located right here on the website under "About Us" and you can always send an email to the entire board at: Believe me we do listen to what you say and our calls at times can be long because we do have healthy discussions. We do our best to keep you informed with the newsletter - the Atlantic Minute (significant actions of the Board) and items on PSConnect in the Chapters form. We'll have our business meeting in August in Las Vegas and throughout the conference in Mystic in October.

    You are the leaders of tomorrow, and I have been fortunate to be a part of the Board for while, but all things do come to an end sooner or later - myself and others hold the history and I know that I love sharing that history and my love of this Chapter with others. You can't forget the history for it will impact the future - so consider putting yourself out there and run for a Board position - it's a wonderful (and sometimes scary) experience and may lead to other doors being opened to you - remember 12 International Presidents - who says there are not more out there from the Atlantic Chapter - I'm thinking we have two or three potential candidates out there!!

    On another note - don't forget that the Fall Initiative and Blesso Scholarship are open - please take advantage of these two wonderful opportunities. All the information can be found here on the website on the About Us page. It's again a way for the Chapter to give back to it's members - part of our history.

    It's time to find my way home again - the rain and ice are beginning and I prefer to be in the comfort of my home than at our Emergency Operations Center, although it's quiet here and I do get homework and other work done quickly. Always know that your Board (and I) are here if you need us or even if you don't - we enjoy hearing from you. Until we meet again, stay safe and train well.