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  • Electronic Balloting Survey

    Good Afternoon Chapter Members,

    The APCO Atlantic Board has been discussing the option of making electronic balloting/voting available to our members. We have created a brief survey to use as a tool to help us make this decision, and to gather input from our voting eligible chapter members.

    Please fill out the survey linked below. The board has also asked that only voting eligible members fill out the survey. To insure voting members are the only ones filling out the survey you will need your APCO member number to complete the survey.

    Thank you for your participation, if you have any questions please contact anyone of your board members.

    If you have any questions about the survey itself or problems with it please contact Member At Large, Jon Goldman at

    Click the link below to take the survey, Remember Voting Eligible members only. If you are not currently a voting eligible member, please contact APCO Intl. and consider upgrading your membership to a Full Member.


    Jon Goldman
    APCO Atlantic Chapter
    Member At Large
    A survey to see if if the voting eligible members of the APCO Atlantic Chapter are willing to support Electronic Voting for our our annual elections.

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    I hope the survey is going well. The Chapter has always carefully considered the opinions of our members and the Board has always taken what the members have to say seriously. I will be very interested in the results of this survey as I am sure others will too.


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      Will the Board be posting the results of the survey?


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        I am curious of the results as well. I proud to say that I am in favor of this. We have a large chapter and not everyone is able to attend the conference in person.