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    As I sit here working on course work for my CPE, I also let my mind wander and I heard the military fly over honoring our military veterans. Today is a day of reflections and inspirations for myself and so many others. We honor those who have gone before us and have given ALL for their country, and those who are still giving both as a service man or woman and their families. I was so inspired last night watching the PBS special the National Memorial Day Concert in Washington DC, so many men and women who have given their lives so that we may have our freedom, and still so many more men and women (and their families) who are serving today. Within our own Chapter we have those same military veterans, many of whom are here working among us today and several who have passed on. To those men and women "under the headsets" who have served and are still serving - I thank you for my freedom.

    I am facilitating an RPL class that will be finishing in a few short weeks, and I hope to meet them after they cross the stage in Las Vegas. As I go through their papers and posts, I see how fortunate we are here in the Atlantic Chapter with our members. Once section they are finishing up is on history and what struck me was how our history is readily available to us right here on our website - whereas other Chapters don't have anything like what we have. I'm not knocking any other Chapter, we are all different, but we here are so lucky to have Chapter Historians such as Rich Boettcher and Tom Catino, our historical data is as comprehensive as that found in the library in Illinois, and we have it all here on these pages with more sections to be added as needed or as YOU the members want. For those who are in or about to enroll in the RPL, you need look no further than this site to find everything that is needed to contact the Board - find out about our Charter - who were Past Presidents and who so proudly represented us on the International level. We are so lucky to have these men, but I pose to you my friends, when they are no longer able to maintain these archives who among you will take over?

    There is so much opportunity to become involved both within the Chapter and on the Association level, but you have to want it for the good of the Association, not because you think there is power behind it - trust me power no - HONOR yes, and without that honor there is no point in being involved. You do it for love of the Chapter and Association, because you want to make a difference in our professional world, not because it looks good on a resume or you want to impress your boss, our members will see right through that, and you won't get too far, that's the beauty of this Atlantic Chapter, YOU, who are the WE of the Chapter and the Association care what happens, you embrace the change within the profession as WE have always had a voice and a voice that is listened to, as WE represent the whole not just a self serving few.

    As I reflect on my years of service, I am proud of what I have accomplished and who I have become, and I still see more ahead. I am looking to the future and it is bright both for our Chapter and the Association. What worries me though, is not seeing more of our wonderful members becoming involved and asking to be mentored by those of us who are moving forward in our careers. We are here to help guide you into a new chapter of your professional lives, as we move forward with ours. We ask that you let us share that knowledge and history and love of Chapter with YOU so that you can play it forward. It's not easy taking that first step, but trust me it is so worth it. I know, as many years ago a group of people saw something in me and guided me toward new interests and an exciting future within APCO, and I am forever grateful to them for that, now it's my turn, will YOU let us guide (mentor) you?

    In a few very short days the Blesso Scholarship Applications will CLOSE - JUNE 1st is the deadline date. You must have you on line applications submitted by then. The Fall Initiative is also open, that does not close until September 1st. The Scholarship allows for you to have training opportunities such as the RPL program or other APCO training (on line or in person) that you might not have the opportunity to get through your agency. The Fall Initiative provides you registration and lodging (NO TRAVEL expenses) to our Fall Conference, this year being held in Connecticut in Mystic. This is your opportunity to become involved and meet other members and we get to meet with you.

    So, on this Memorial Day I thank you all for what you do, today and everyday. Until we meet, be safe and train well.