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  • Conference Time Once Again

    Good afternoon Atlantic Chapter members, I hope you are enjoying the summer. Right now we are in the midst of summer vacation time and that means International Conference is just around the corner. This years conference is early, August 5th - 8th, 2018 in Las Vegas. It's still not to late to get a hotel room and register, but know that those who are fortunate enough to attend will make sure to bring back great information for the Chapter. For those of us who are attending, don't forget that Chapter Night out is Monday the 6th right after the Chapter meeting, which starts at 5:00pm (Vegas time - we will be in the Venetian-Palazzo - Level 1 Room 801-802. At the meeting, which is brief, the agenda will cover Committee Reports (all of which are posted in the Library in PCConnect) and any new business brought up by the membership. From there we will adjourn and head to Magiano's, which is around the corner, for our Chapter Night out. This is our chance as a Chapter to spend some quality time catching up with old friends and make new friends - relax and enjoy a fantastic dinner.

    Now, knowing how much walking we all did in Denver, we have found that we'll be doing MORE than that in Las Vegas. I was concerned about it as I've had one knee replaced and am looking at the second one in the very not too distant future. The last thing I want to be doing is hobbling along trying to get to sessions / meetings and the exhibit hall - so my friends, I bit the bullet and I rented myself a scooter! Yup - pride is NOT getting in my way, especially as I want to have both my knees/ankles and toes under me when I walk across that stage to receive the CPE designation. So, I know there are others out there who are in the same position I am in - or we have breathing problems or bottom line, we just don't get around as well as we used to, and that's ok, we've done our time in the trenches and we deserve to take it a little easier. I have attached the link to this post so that you have the name (Las Vegas Mobility Scooter Rentals) the price for rental, insurance if you want it (it was very reasonable) and best of all, it is delivered to the hotel. I'll be proudly attaching my chapter flag right on the basket and I've heard from a very high source that scooter races MIGHT be sanctioned as long as it's done safely - more to follow .

    When we return before you know it we'll be meeting again in Mystic. The conference committee is working hard on providing you with yet another fantastic training opportunity, and we are still looking for sponsors and vendors! The programs (tentative) has been posted to give you an idea as to the programs that are going to be presented - there is still time to register for the October event. A new board will be elected in October - I can imagine so many of you participating in board activities - if you want to see change and you want to be a part of something wonderful - take a leap of faith and run!

    Well, it is Friday and it's been a long week. Few more things to clear up before the clock strikes the magic hour and I can meet up with my daughter and spend some time re-connecting before I take flight again. She understands and supports me and that means the world, but most of all the respect that she has for YOU and what you do everyday is pretty awesome. Until I see you in Las Vegas or Mystic - stay hydrated - safe and train well.

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    Always informative Maureen, Thank you!

    Looking forward to seeing you and those fortunate enough to attend.

    Safe travels!