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  • So Much To Be Thankful For

    It is two days before Thanksgiving and as I reflect on all that has happened in the past several months I can not help but be so proud of this Chapter and our members. When the call went out for assistance for sister Chapters who have been devastated from the hurricanes - flooding and fires, you answered that call. Gift cards - cash and material possession came flooding in from all over the Atlantic states. The latest call for help from Coral Springs is again bringing much needed supplies to dispatchers who have lost everything. For those who were at conference and met Officer McCarthy, she just dropped off 8 crockpots that she ordered from Walmart to be sent with our box - all because she saw the loving and giving nature of this Chapter (just a side note - she is also an Atlantic Chapter full member!)

    For many of us we will be working this Thanksgiving, yet you don't hear a lot of complaints, what I'm hearing is staff planning menus that can be shared the weekend long so that everyone at some point in time will have a nice hot turkey (or ham) dinner with all the fixings. We never seem to forget one another during the holidays, and as a Director I try and make sure everyone gets something, this year I'm doing something different. Instead of a gift card or tangible present, a donation will be made in the name of each one of the staff to the Sunshine Fund and 911 Cares so that others who are in need maybe helped. This includes members of our Chapter who maybe struggling.

    As promised I am hard at work on the article about the 9-1-1 Dudes and our friends from North Carolina. So many of you shared photos of yourself and others with the "Dudes" that it will make a great article and s****book for Lori and Beth and again show that strong bond between Chapters, something that the Atlantic Chapter has fostered for as long as I can remember. We don't do it just for others, we do it "in house" with mentoring and guiding new members and encouraging growth not only in ourselves, but with others.

    So, as I get ready to finish up our budget for next year, I can't help but be grateful for all that I have received this year and for the friends and family that are there for me. I hope each and everyone has a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. Until we meet again - be safe and train well.

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    Well said, Maureen!

    Thanks for the update, so proud of this Chapter and what we do as a team!