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New Year - New Focus - New Involvement!

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  • New Year - New Focus - New Involvement!

    Good afternoon Atlantic Chapter Members!!

    It's a beautiful Thursday afternoon, not snowing (yet) but we know sooner or later some of us will get to see the fluffy stuff, whereas many of you are already contemplating the number of days until the spring thaw (although I know one member who probably already has his countdown clock set for how many days it is until Christmas). I was very fortunate this year to be able to take time off from work and be at home with my daughter and just do what I wanted to do, which was nothing - the house was as clean as it was going to get - presents were wrapped and either distributed or under the tree (with a scant number for me) and I didn't even have to worry about what was for dinner as it was only going to be me.

    This was "my time" to reflect on what I wanted to do with myself and where I thought my path would take me in 2019 and beyond. There is so much more to accomplish for myself personally and professionally but I also know that sometimes I bite off more than I can chew and then get frustrated when I can't accomplish what I want. So this is different, this year I'm focusing on how to motivate staff - complete at least two new training programs and continue to work hard for and with the Chapter and APCO. Along with these lofty goals of mine I also want to make sure to learn at least one new thing each day, and to also make sure to take a walk and move a little more than I have been!

    Some may think these goals are a little strange, but I never said I was cut from the same cloth as everyone else - I've already enrolled in the Instructor Illuminations program and completed the first quarter session "Grit and Resilience" talk about learning one new thing - totally not what I was expecting. I've completed the two part Police Legal Sciences Suicide Caller online training - awesome refresher for those who have been on for awhile, and perfect for new personnel. Motivation with staff is in planning phase but I'm confident as we will be part of a group who I hope will be working on a statewide texting policy and a new domestic violence/crisis intervention training for our dispatchers and staff to be a part of that process. As for working with APCO - well ByLaws - Agency Training and the Emergency Communications Center Response Task Force Committees are moving forward with their goals and objectives for the year. For the Chapter, it's business as usual with conference calls and note taking!

    So, why bore some of you with all this, it's not to pat myself on the back or toot a horn - it's to show you and tell you of all the wonderful possibilities and opportunities out there for our members and in many cases I get to work side by side with YOU on committees on both a local and international level, it's great having someone you know and can connect with. There is so much out there outside our own little worlds that YOU (the WE of APCO) can be involved in, and the rewards to be had can be life changing. I have been so blessed with attaining my RPL - CPE and Senior Designation, I'm Vice Chair of a committee and a task force and have chaired a task force, and YOU can do the same, yea just have to put yourself out there, and the other rewards, my friends, that is the key word - FRIENDS. I have met the most amazing people and a handful of them have become more than friends, they are family. That is a reward that just keeps on giving.

    Make 2019 your year to make a change, not a resolution or a goal but a path if you will. Whatever path or journey you choose to take and would you like some company (also known as mentors)? There are people out there that would be happy to take the walk with you, you need only ask. Happy New Year Atlantic APCO - may your path be clear and if there are bumps, that's ok -you'll navigate them - Keep learning and dreaming and moving forward. The rewards are so worth the risks!

    Until we meet again - stay safe and train well!

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    Great thoughts, and a wonderful renewed sense of commitment.


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      Thank you Nicholas - always good to recharge and re-think to make things better for ourselves and our profession! Thank you for your kind words.