Good Monday Morning Atlantic APCO:

Many of us are still basking in the afterglow of the Super Bowl, where the Patriots once again taking the trophy, and there will be cheers heard all the way to CT, from the Boston area when the team returns home for the parade on Tuesday. I have heard there is more than one bleary eyed day shift Telecommunicator working with a smile on their face. Regardless what people think or say about the Patriots, they are a team and work as one for a common goal, and although APCO does not field a football team, they do field Committees, which when you get right down to it, is a team.

Committees, just like a football team, has a Captain (Chair) and a Co-Captain (Vice-Chair) and the members of the committee make up the rest of the positions. Without the team (committee) no goals would be made nor would there be any touchdowns (work product) without the leadership of the captains motivating the rest of the group. Now, I don't do football, I'm a NASCAR person myself, so many my analogies aren't the greatest, however it is that time of year again for YOU, the backbone of our organization, the PEOPLE who make it work, to get involved and volunteer for a committee.

Committee sign up began February 1st and runs to April 1st, and if you are already on a committee you MUST SIGN UP AGAIN, if you fail to sign up you will not be automatically placed back on. For those of us who are RPL's, committee work helps to fulfill a renewal requirement. Now, I already hear "I'm busy - I don't have enough time to be on a committee - I don't know anything about the committee or committee work", those are all excuses and hold no water. Many people who complain about the state of the Association or the Chapter are the same ones who do not take the time to get involved - ask questions or volunteer, so if you want to make change, Get Involved!!

The Group Leaders posted information about registering for the special webinar last week and I posted the information on the Chapter PSConnect. For those who may have missed it, there will be a special webinar on February 13th at 1400 hours (EST) to learn about the different APCO committees. To register to go: Now, to register for a committee, simply go to APCO International and under membership click on Committee Sign Up and you'll be brought to the "MY APCO" site (you should have a profile already created to use all the functionality on the site). From there you will be taken to the Volunteer Central Committee sign up page. Simply scroll down and check out the available committees. The Standing Committees are: Bylaws - Editorial - Historical - Member & Chapter Services and Pro-CHRT. The Designated and Special Committees are: Agency Training Program and Cybersecurity.

I will tell you from personal experience that serving on these committees is rewarding and will make you grow as a person and a Chapter member. WE do make a difference when we serve and let our voices be heard. My only regret is that I didn't start serving SOONER. Don't make that same mistake, take a chance, each committee has mentors who will help you along the way, every voice counts and we all have a voice. For those of you who are new to the Chapter and Association, this is your time to get involved, people like myself aren't going to be around forever (wait - do I hear some cheering in the background - I can say it, I'm old, but I"m still kicking - kinda like Brady!!) and when we are gone, it's going to be up to YOU. You can't always figure "someone else will do it".

So my football and NASCAR friends and the others in this special Chapter of ours - enjoy this beautiful week as we're going to have a thaw for a day or two - The Pat's will have a beautiful New England day for their well deserved parade, and I'm hoping that the Atlantic Chapter steps up and shows everyone how a Chapter (team) pulls together and scores multiple touchdowns by filling committee slots with Atlantic Chapter members. Ok, I'm done with the football analogies as I'm going to get booted off the field!
Until next time - stay safe and train well my friends.