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  • 911 SAVES Act

    Good afternoon Atlantic Chapter:
    By now many of you have received and read the email that was sent out not just by APCO International but also by myself and several other posts on Facebook and Twitter regarding the 911 SAVES Act. Here will be yet another pitch to get involved and help change history, and yes, you will be changing history. I have been in the public safety arena for over 40 years and have seen many changes in how we "do business". But the one thing that never seems to change is the fact that WE are not considered First Responders. Time after time we have tried to get this rectified, both APCO and NENA have petitioned and spoken on our behalf. WE have gone to Capital Hill and spoken and implored our representatives to hear our voices, yet each time nothing has changed.

    Well, now WE have change to make that change. A simple legislative change that can change our history, but it's not going to happen unless WE make the effort. Talk this up with friends - family and co-workers - Petition your unions to get the message out, do whatever WE need to do to make this happen. It's not just for us, it's for our future Telecommunicators and WE can make that difference.

    Take a few minutes either in this post - on the Chapters Facebook page or on PSConnect and click on that link and let your voices be heard. Forward the messages to your friends and family. Our voices are important and WE do make a difference, each and every day!

    TAKE ACTION - Ask your U.S. Representative to Support the 911 SAVES Act Note: this campaign will generate different messages depending on whether your Representative is already a sponsor of the legislation.

    Thank you!