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#TeammatesInAction: Kaitlynn Rhude, Johnson County 911, Indiana

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  • #TeammatesInAction: Kaitlynn Rhude, Johnson County 911, Indiana

    Domestic calls can be some of the most dangerous and evolving incidents first responders deal with. When you add intoxication and weapons public safety telecommunicators must remain on their toes. On December 19, 2018, Kaitlynn Rhude did just that when a call came into the Johnson County Communications Center.

    This call was from a female who requested assistance with her adult son who was intoxicated and arguing with her and her boyfriend. As Kaitlynn gathered information she learned that the caller had thrown a bottle of alcohol that further escalated the situation. Kaitlynn used her active listening skills to hear the male in the background say that if the cops showed up he was going to do time, and was going to go away for murder. Kaitlynn continued to request that the caller refrain from further agitating her son who was holding the caller (mother) and her boyfriend in a bedroom at knife point where he said he wished he could find a gun.

    Kaitlynn made the decision to ask to talk to the male offender. Kaitlynn then worked her magic! She was able to talk the suspect down. Even though the suspect kept advising that police would make the situation worse, Kaitlynn got him to let his mother and her boyfriend go despite his numerous threats to kill them. Then when officers arrived Kaitlynn was able to talk the suspect into giving up the knife and surrendering without incident to officers so that no one would get hurt. She assured the suspect that the officer did not want to hurt him.

    The suspect advised officers that the suspect was intoxicated and he himself credited Kaitlynn and her ability to talk him down. It was because of Kaitlynn and her genuine care for him that he calmed down and was able to give up the knife and surrender without further incident. Kaitlynn’s calm and caring demeanor de-escalated a situation that could have ended up much differently.

    APCO International applauds the work of Kaitlynn Rhude and is proud to recognize her as a “Teammate in Action” for her life saving work during this incident.