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Candidacy for Re-Election - Atlantic APCO Chapter Executive Council Representative

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  • Candidacy for Re-Election - Atlantic APCO Chapter Executive Council Representative

    Candidacy for Re-Election as the Atlantic APCO Chapter Executive Council Representative
    Charlene A. Fisk, RPL, CPE

    Dear fellow Atlantic Chapter Members:

    I have been your Executive Council (EC) Representative for the past three years and during that time I have faithfully executed my duties as your EC by representing YOU, the members, and our CHAPTER, to the APCO International community. As per our Policy Manual, I submitted my paperwork to the Nominating Committee Chair, Tom Andross several months ago, indicating my intent to run for re-election as Executive Council to continue consistent representation of our Chapter and all our members.

    It is with humble pride that I inform YOU, the members, of my desire and intention to continue to be your liaison serving this Chapter and APCO International. I have made a commitment to this Chapter to follow through on the path that prior Executive Council Representatives have honorably performed in the past, that being to move forward with the duties and responsibilities that come with the position of Executive Council and being the “voice” of our Chapter. We as a Chapter are at a turning point in our history, and we are once again poised to have Regional Representation on the APCO International Board of Directors, a position that we have NOT had in several years.

    It has been through transparency, commitment, and tenacity that this Chapter has maintained the reputation in APCO International community, as a Chapter that leads by example, is not afraid to voice their opinion or ask the hard questions, and follows the recommendations of APCO International on how to maintain consistency on the Executive Board level, we need only to look at our own Bylaws and Policy Manual to see that. Concerns and questions may arise from the Executive Council Communiques that are distributed to the Atlantic Chapter Board of Officers to keep them abreast of what is occurring Internationally. Questions are then presented and brought up that “chain of command”. It is why when fellow Chapters have a question on how procedural matters should be done, they are advised to “Call the Atlantic Chapter”, and they do.

    As I am now retired, I have the time, the energy and more than ever, the DESIRE and HEART to continue on the path that has been laid out before me by our past Executive Council Representatives. I am asking you, those that I have faithfully and openly represented, to allow me the opportunity to continue on this path to bring the Chapter and its members but most importantly your voices, to the forums where they belong, so that we may continue to be the guiding force within APCO International. Times and people change, and that is always good, but tradition, honor and doing “the right thing” at the right time is what makes our Atlantic Chapter who we are, and I believe this is the right time for me and our Chapter to follow this path. I sincerely hope you all will walk with me toward this goal of Regional Representation on the APCO International Board of Directors and humbly ask for your consideration when voting this November.

    As always, I will continue to be, available for any questions and concerns. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me so that we can continue the discussions that need to be brought to the attention of our Regional Representatives and the APCO International Board of Directors. I look forward to seeing you at our conference at the Sea Crest in November.