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Thanksgiving Thoughts of Gratitude

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  • Thanksgiving Thoughts of Gratitude

    Another holiday season is upon us, and it's Thanksgiving Eve once again. So many of our Public Safety Telecommunicators will be spending their holiday under the headset instead of around the table with family and friends. That got me to thinking of all those years spent working patrol or now working the desk here, so that others could be home, and I realize no matter where we are, we are HERE in the now.

    I know I have so much to be grateful for both personally and professionally. I have my health (even if I am battling bronchitis right now), have a beautiful and loving daughter that I adore, and a sister that makes me laugh. I have a life long friend who keeps me sane, and new friends that I met in trainings and from an event that was life changing for so many. It's because of those friends that I have chosen a patch within APCO and our Association, have been mentored and played it forward by mentoring others. This Association means a great deal to me, and I do what I do for the love of the people - for what we do and who we are.

    Our Fall Conference reaffirmed many of the reason I am grateful for my path, a chance to see what true mentoring can do. We saw new volunteers and vice-chairs on the conference committee being mentored by "senior" members so that they can pick up the mantle of responsibility for the future. We saw new programming featuring speakers not just from our Chapter, but from other Chapters, sharing their knowledge and experience with new and veteran members. We also saw a reemergence of members who had seen, but not heard from in awhile, taking center stage with the membership and sharing their experiences and thoughts, becoming involved once again. We saw a change in leadership and responsibilities and we all look to the future to see what that will be.

    For me personally, the end of conference starts a new beginning - a new path and new journeys that I look forward to taking and sharing with those special people in my life who have made such an impact on who I am and the things that I do. I also know that for a few weeks, I hold my breath and remember a time that is sad and frightening for my community, but we are strong. This year I am a little more alone, as the last remaining staff member from that time has chosen to leave. Time heals - and the candle will still burn brightly here as I know that so many of our Gold Line will be sending thoughts - prayers and little items to make us smile.

    So my friends, regardless if you are home - at work or remembering and honoring those who are no longer here, know that YOU, the WE in our Association have so much to be grateful for, and that there are those out there who are grateful for what WE do for each other and our communities. Happy Thanksgiving Atlantic Chapter, may you have a bountiful table filled with love - laughter and light.