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A Time of Many Firsts

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  • A Time of Many Firsts

    So many of us are sitting at home, with I hope family and/or loved ones, watching the news or entertaining ourselves before we head back to work and a world that is so different from that warm cocoon we just left. We are facing so many unknowns and so many "firsts" - social distancing - non essential business being closed - municipal buildings locked to the public and entry by appointment only. For those of us in this field we enter our comm centers and may have our temps taken, the area is secured and locked down to authorized personnel only, meaning in some cases - it's us only. We see managers and directors huddled in meetings (well not so much huddled at 6 feet apart) or on conference/video calls, sometimes several times a day. Schedules being shuffled or time off put on hold.

    You may see postings on social media (which can be friend or foe) of PSTs wearing masks while working or asking who has toilet paper to spare (and I'm still shaking my head over that one). There are "thoughts and prayers" posting to those on the front lines - doctors - nurses - EMT's and medics, who are administering to the ill. But through it all WE continue to quietly come in, wipe down our consoles and plug in to get the job done. Many of us for the first time have a "go kit" because at anytime we can be told we need to stay as one or more of our own has taken ill and is mandated to isolate for a period of time, throwing schedules into a tailspin - but wait - you have that COOP document in place and we have planned for this.

    We have heard from our Chapter President, Jonathan Goldman as to what the Board has been doing (see Thoughts From Our President) and each member should have received the posting from APCO CEO Derek Poarch, again expressing gratitude for what we do and keeping us informed on activities at HQ and within the Association. We are fortunate to have leadership that cares, within the Association - the Chapter and our community. You have within your own organizations and within this Chapter, members who have been through events that were life and career changing, for themselves and that communities. Reach out to those members if you have questions, they have such a wealth of knowledge. Utilize the Taskforce Report that Jonathan inserted in his post if your center is struggling with the "what if's" that are sure to come up. Make the phone call or send the email - use the PSConnect forum to check out the form on COVID19 for informative discussions and information.

    Think outside the box for making sure loved ones who are not "tech savvy" and because of social distancing restrictions don't have that face to face contact -NOTE: this is NOT a promotional ad) by utilizing something like Grandpad from Consumer Cellular- it's safe and easy to use, it also has games and music, best of all NO INTERNET is needed and can go with them anywhere. It's perfect for grandparents or those who are alone. We are promoting it for our seniors here in town.

    This community of ours is so lucky to have each and everyone of us. WE are in this together, so use the forums - use this website and use US for our knowledge - experience and most of all, for our love of this Association and Chapter. Until we see one another again, and WE WILL see one another again, be safe - wash your hands (you knew I had to say that), and keep doing what we do best!
    With respect,

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    Well said Maureen. I as one can't sit & watch for any length of time watch the news on TV, as I'm appalled of the facts being presented by the media and politicians. I know this is crisis of high concern, but I'd be ashamed of presenting the facts that are for nothing else scaring people. It'd be nice if the facts were scrutinized & accurate before going public. In the beginning I was able to find info conflicting with what was being put out, but the media folks must've caught on because it's no longer available on the sites. It's all 1-sided. I feel it's distorting & disappointing. On a positive note I've witnessed the efforts put forth by many especially in the realm of Public Safety world, I have no doubt WE will overcome this crisis and become better socially. Even though many people are currently social-distant, many are being creative in ways of helping a myriad of the populous. I cannot agree more about washing your hands - I feel is much better than trying to use up the limited supply of hand sanitizers etc. I concur with being safe, and stay focus.
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      Thank you Larry - a lot of us are tuning out all but our notifications from the Governor or local official and sometimes that's the best way to do it. Those with high anxiety and are socially distanced from friends and family find themselves so overwhelmed that anything we can do, those acts of kindness are greatly appreciated. Know that you are a large part of the "family" and if you need anything you know where to find us (me.