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Guide for posting #iam911 submissions

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    Guide for posting #iam911 submissions

    On Aug. 24, 2016. was the birth of the #IAM911 movement by Ricardo Martinez.

    He was in Florida for the national Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials conference and had heard about the reclassification issue that was originally started by APCO. They proposed that the Office of Management and Budget change 911 dispatchers from their current classification under “clerical” to the more appropriate “protective” class, the same as police, fire and EMS.

    The initial proposal was rejected and APCO sent out a blast to its members, non-members and the public to help push the issue. The National Emergency Number Association joined the fight as well.

    After looking at what both organizations were doing, he decided to insert himself in the fight by focusing on one of the elements that both organizations were looking for - stories. They wanted stories from dispatch to show how they differ from commercial dispatchers and clerical workers.

    Since he had been telling dispatch stories for a few years already, he felt it would be a perfect opportunity to assist. For him, however, he wanted it to be an in your face look at what dispatch deals with. He wanted to be blunt and, wanted to strike a chord.

    The idea of this movement would be to take ownership of the story being told and in conversation, reach out to the caller to say, “I am the one who was there with you, I am 911.” It would not only be a way to reach out, but hopefully a way to gain some sort of closure by sharing the story.

    We encourage our members to share their experiences from their career, and look forward to your submissions. As Ricardo Martinez has stated " I believe that everyone has a story to tell. I want to do everything I can to bring that story to life."

    You are 911!

    To assist you with your post, please consider;
    1. You must be a registered user.
    2. To register go here Sign Up
    3. Keep your submission generic (no names).
    4. Brief statements.
    5. Be honest.
    6. Remember, you make a difference.
    7. Abide by your agency Policy and Procedures.
    8. To begin your post select "+ New Topic" from the #iam911 Initiative page.
    9. Enter Title using "#iam911 - your subject".
    10. Adjust submission to your liking, then select "Post".