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  • #iam911

    I sat in dispatch for years every week when your parents exchanged you and your sister each Sunday. I watched them fight, and argue, and "report" each other as late every week, when the other parent was only 1 minute past the scheduled drop off time. I watched your parents treat you and your sister like negotiable pieces of property. I made sure you saw me watching every week, smiling at you, so you knew someone was there for you while your parents argued. I gave you candy that people had donated to the PD during the holidays so you did not feel scared to come into a police station, I turned the TV and put on cartoons so you could watch TV while your parents explained to the officers why the other parent was "such a bad parent." I watched you grow up from a baby unable to walk, to a strong young boy who only wanted his parents to love each other, and not fight every time they came to the police station. I often wonder what happened to you, and your sister? Did you turn out ok? Did you continue the cycle of violence, or did you vow to be a better parent then your parents were?
    You will never know my name, and I have long forgotten yours, but I see you in my thoughts every once in awhile still. #iam911