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  • Hanrahan Consulting – Fall Courses Available

    Understanding Cultural Norms

    As society becomes more diverse it is important for 911 call-takers and first responders to have an understanding of others’ cultural backgrounds. First responders play a major role in dealing with everyday situations and crises, so it is important to understand how culture can impact these interactions. Cultural characteristics can include: customary beliefs, racial/ethnic background, religious affiliations, values, norms, preferences, practices and other shared ideas of different groups, and can be a major determinant of one’s behavior. This eight-hour course is designed to ensure that 911 call-takers and first responders have an understanding of different cultural norms and how that impacts perception and numerous public safety issues.
    Some of the topics covered:

    • The importance of understanding cultural norms
    • Adapting to a changing and diverse community
    • How cultural norms and non-English speaking can impact first responders and call-takers
    • Understanding diversity and culture in relation to decision making
    ▪ Review first responder’s culture
    ▪ Discuss police legitimacy issues
    ▪ Understand the 6 pillars of US Policing with specific attention given to developing a guardian mindset
    ▪ And many other important areas

    Active Shooter Calls

    Active Shooter calls have increased dramatically in recent years. From school shootings to workplace violence to terror type public shooting massacres these incidents can take many lives and cause mass panic. It is essential that first responders and 911 call-takers have a solid understanding of these incredibly challenging incidents

    Hanrahan Consulting, LLC has quickly become the premiere legal trainer for Massachusetts Police Officers and Supervisors. Complicated legal matters instructed in an easy to understand manner with practical real-life examples.
    Some of the topics covered:

    • School shootings
    • Workplace violence incidents
    • Common motivators and triggers
    • Call-taking issues
    • Prevention and detection
    • Public terror targets
    • Police response tactics and strategies
    • Mitigation strategies
    • Laws related to firearms & weapons
    • And many other important areas