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Public Safety Telecommunicator 1, 7th Ed., Instructor, Sandwich, MA

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  • Public Safety Telecommunicator 1, 7th Ed., Instructor, Sandwich, MA

    This course explores the basic skills and techniques of teaching. Based on the principles of adult education, the students study the dynamics of instructional delivery. Successful completion of this course provides your agency instructors with the techniques they need to apply to the Public Safety Telecommunicator 1 course.As agency instructors, they will be able to deliver the PST1 course in-house, allowing for significant reduction in your in-service training and travel costs.

    Instructional media and exercises used throughout the course reinforce the knowledge attained in lecture and demonstration. In addition, each participant receives a comprehensive Public Safety Telecommunicator 1, Seventh Edition Instructor Guide Package as part of the course tuition. The Instructor Guide Package includes the Instructor Techniques textbook, course outline, lesson plans, the student text, access to PSConnect PST Instructor Community and detailed instructions on how to set up and run the course in-house for your agency.

    Once certified as a PST1 Instructor, you will be registered in our online community of instructors, created just for the Public Safety Telecommunicator 1 course.This PS Connect community will give access to the teaching resources, including the companion PowerPoint, audio-visual resources, optional readings, study packages, puzzles and games.

    PST1 – Instructor Technique textbook includes modules on:
    • Instructional Techniques
    • Learners and The Learning Process
    • The Role of the Instructor
    • Lesson Plans and Lesson Delivery
    • Design and Use of Instructional Media
    • Simulation Design and Use
    • Testing and Evaluation
    • Liability in Training
    • Instructor Resources
    Upon successful completion of the course, the agency instructor will be able to train their personnel in the new Public Safety Telecommunicator 1, Seventh Edition student course with these capacities:
    • Foster skill development through practical exercises
    • Develop lesson plans
    • Design and use instructional media
    • Create effective simulations
    • Create quizzes and exams based on course objectives
    • Understand the factors relating to liability in training
    1. Successful completion of the Public Safety Telecommunicator 1, Seventh Edition student course.
    2. Minimum one year experience in a public safety communications center or a telematics or 3-1-1 call center.
    Recertification Requirements:

    APCO Institute certified agency instructors are required to recertify every two years. Complete information on the recertification process is provided at the conclusion of the Public Safety Telecommunicator 1, Seventh Edition Instructor course. Recertification requires ongoing continuing education and teaching.

    $459 Live Course
    $509 Institute Online
    (includes $50 distance learning fee)
    Additional shipping fees may apply for international shipments
    Member Discount $20
    Late Fee $25

    Classroom: 5 days
    Online (web): 6 weeks
    04-13-2020 08:30 AM
    04-17-2020 04:30 PM
    Sandwich Police Department Training Room 255 Cotuit Rd Sandwich, MA 02563