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    Good Afternoon Chapter Members,

    For those who were unable to attend today's board call with APCO International Candidate for 2nd VP Angie Bowen, I wanted to share an email she sent to myself and Chapter Secretary Maureen Will thanking us for the chance to join our call and speak to our members. I also wanted to echo Angie's sentiments that it is important for our members to engage in the voting process. This is our opportunity as members to speak, and help guide the direction of our Association at the national level. During last years election the Atlantic Chapter accounted for 80-90 votes total in the entire Association. We are the largest chapter, and should be able to make our voices heard. Angie has challenged the Atlantic Chapter to have at least 150 members vote in the 2020 APCO International Board of Officers Election, and I echo that sentiment. Lets see, if we as a chapter can garner the most votes in 2020.

    Below is Ms. Bowens email to Maureen and I:

    Jon and Mo

    Thank you so much for the chance to join your meeting today and for allowing me to share my goals for running for APCO International 2nd Vice President. I especially appreciate the questions that were asked. As I mentioned on the call, it's vitally important, for the health of our Association, that members express their opinions and hold our leaders accountable for answering tough questions. As always, Atlantic APCO did NOT let me down.

    I really want to challenge your members to exercise their voting privileges this election. Members have the opportunity to cast their votes online at As you know, each candidate has a link to our biography on the voting page, so that members can learn more about our vision and qualifications before casting a vote. Although I believe I am the best candidate, more important than who they vote for, is that our members engage in the process and choose who represents them as 2nd Vice President of APCO International. Let's see the Atlantic Chapter represent 150 votes in this election (I bet you can get that number to 200 if you really try 😉).

    I have been formally endorsed by the Georgia, Florida, and Ohio chapters so far, and hope to earn the support of many more in the next week or so. An endorsement signals, to chapter members, confidence in my ability to represent all members regardless of their role within public safety communications, their tenure within the Association, or which agency they represent.

    Although I know it is not your tradition to endorse any candidate, I would be honored to earn the votes of your members. I welcome anyone to give me a call or drop me an email if they have any questions for me, would like to hear more about my vision, or if you have any suggestions or concerns that would be helpful for me to hear. Please feel free to share this email and my contact information with your membership.

    Stay safe and healthy,

    Thanks again, and thanks for your friendship,