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APCO 2020 Voting Period - Challenge

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  • APCO 2020 Voting Period - Challenge

    Good Afternoon Chapter Members,

    As you know, the APCO International annual opportunity to vote expires at 1400 Eastern Time on July 31, 2020. It is of the utmost importance for our members to engage in the voting process. This is our opportunity as members to speak, and help guide the direction of our Association at the national level. During last years election the Atlantic Chapter accounted for 80-90 votes total in the entire Association. We are the largest chapter, and should be able to make our voices heard. We as a Chapter have been challenged to increase our voting members over last year. It would be amazing if we could get to 150, or 160, or even 200 votes this year. I challenge each of you to research the candidates, and let your voice be heard. The below link will bring you to the voting page which includes biographies of each candidates and each is easily able to be found via PS Connect, Facebook, or other Social Media channels if you would like to ask specific questions.

    The Atlantic Chapter of APCO does not specifically endorse any candidate, however if a Candidate wishes to speak to our chapter members, and approaches the Chapter President we are happy to utilize our conference line and invite the candidates to speak to the membership. So I would ask you to please resaearch each candidate yourself, and vote for the one you feel will best serve your and your agencies needs, but no matter what you do.....VOTE.

    Thank you, have a great day, and stay safe and healthy,

    Jon Goldman, RPL, COML
    Chapter President