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    Good Morning,

    I hope you are all safe, healthy, and well.

    CHAPTER LEADER WORKSHOP I am very excited to post this training opportunity for our members. The APCO Member Chapter Services Committee will be hosting a Chapter Leader Workshop. This program is open to any chapter member who is interested. The Chapter Leader Workshop will cover virtual trainings. APCO will present on how to host virtual meetings and break out rooms. Jennifer Kirkland from the Colorado Chapter will be presenting on lessons learned from their Virtual Colorado Conference. This promises to be a great program, and I hope many of our Chapter members will participate. I have attached the flyer with the registration information.

    The flyer is attached to this post.

    CHAPTER MEETING In the absence of an Annual Chapter Conference this year, the Atlantic Chapter of APCO will be hosting a version of our Annual Meeting which is typically held at conference each year. The meeting will be held virtually October 14, beginning at 1300. This will be an opportunity for each of the committees to report on the work they have done over the past year, and speak to the work they are planning for the upcoming year. It will be a chance for the Board to report to the membership about the previous and upcoming years. We look forward to being able to gather virtually. The dial in information will be posted shortly, along with the agenda.

    ATLANTIC CHAPTER TRAINING COMMITTEE One of the committees this year, I am especially proud of is the Chapter Training Committee. Although the goals were lofty, and they were off to a good start, COVID put the stop to some of the forward progress. As you may remember I envisioned monthly, or quarterly trainings throughout the chapter, in each state. This was to be an opportunity to provide free, or low cost training to our members and non-members alike, giving back to our industry. It would of given a chance to recruit new members who attended the trainings, but were not members, and also the chance to affirm to our existing members why membership in the Atlantic Chapter was so worthwhile. Anne Camaro graciously accepted the chairmanship of the Training Committee, and they hosted several in person trainings before they were forced to stop due to COVID19. However, in keeping with the idea that we in Emergency Communications must be nimble, flexible, and willing to pivot when necessary the Atlantic Chapter of APCO Training Committee has now committed to posting one pre-recorded training per month through the end of 2020. This training may be able to be used as continuing education for your agency, or your state if needed. Below is the flyer to this months training program "Zero Budget Training" as well as the link to the program itself. On behalf of the Board of Directors, and the Training Committee we hope you will find this training exciting, and valuable.

    The course flyer and registration is attached to this post.

    Attached Files
    Please fill out this registration form to get access to the training session. A link to the training video will be provided at the end of the registration form and you will need to download the video to access the training.