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    Good Morning,

    I wanted to give another quick update since the Board met on 4/15/21. Later in the afternoon, the Governor of NH advised that he would not be renewing the "mask mandate" here in NH, so beginning today we do not have a mask mandate in NH anymore. Although many people are excited, it is kind of a misnomer, as the State of NH does not limit private businesses or governments from imposing their own mandates or policies. What it does mean, per the Governor of NH is that although cases do seem to be on the rise, fatal cases are decreasing, and hospital admissions are manageable, along with very large percentages of NH residents are either fully vaccinated, or partially vaccinated. Although COVID19 appears that it will be with us for a long time, it has become much more manageable and we seem to be slowly coming back to whatever it is our "new normal" will look like.

    The Atlantic Chapter Conference Committee is still charging full speed ahead in planning our Annual Training Conference, scheduled to be held October 24-27, 2021 in Stowe, Vermont. Governor Phil Scott of Vermont has begun the process of reducing restrictions for Vermont Residents and visitors with all current guidance stating thatall restrictions will be lifted by 7/4/21. Although after July 4, 2021 Universal Guidance will be encouraged, there will be no capacity on restrictions, as well as masks and social distancing will be encouraged as well. The Board and the Conference Committee are beyond excited, although cautious. You can click HERE to see Governor Scotts "Vermont Forward" reopening plan. We encourage anyone who wants to attend the conference to click HERE for the conference CVENT page. This page will give you all the information you need for the conference including lodging information, and registration information.

    The APCO International Conference will be held in San Antonio Texas on August 15-18, 2021 and promises to also be another exciting opportunity to learn, network, and refresh after a year of unprecedented work, stress, and protecting our communities. You are encouraged to register and make lodging arrangements as soon as possible if you are planning on attending. You can click HERE for the conference page. Earlier in the week, I made an announcement on behalf of the board that a formal Chapter Night Out would not occur in San Antonio this year at the recommendation of the Financial Review Committee. I also mentioned, we were going to try and do something informal during conference for those attending, so that we could see old friends we haven't seen in two years from within our chapter, and maybe meet some new friends. Chapter President Elect Mike Davis will be working on something if there is enough interest. We are considering the Monday night of conference, after our Chapter business meeting, gathering at a local restaurant that could accommodate us. Each attendee would be responsible for their own food and beverage, but it would allow for a casual social time if people want to stop in and grab a bite to eat. If you are going to San Antonio, or planning on going please fill out the very brief survey found HERE so President Elect Davis can determine a tentative number of people who may be interested.

    The final portion of this update revolves around Chapter notifications. Due to limitations placed on the Chapter by our website host we are only able to send out no more than 500 emails per hour. In cases where we would like to notify the entire chapter about something important like a Silent Key, or Call To Action it would take 10-12 hours to send to multiple email lists to accommodate the notification. As an industry who relies on timely, and emergency notifications this is not feasible. The Board, along with the Webmaster have decided we will no longer use the Email Distribution List to make chapter wide notifications. We will instead continue to utilize the forum section on the website, social media channels, and of course PSConnect. These channels are all designed for what we would need, so this is a more efficient and timely way to notify chapter members of important events. Please make sure you check the chapter website, Facebook page, or PSConnect for important information. You can set the settings within PSConnect to allow for real time emails, or a digest version as well and it may need to be whitelisted on your agency email server. If anyone needs any help with settings feel free to reach out to the Board and we will do what we can to assist you.

    Again, as NPSTW comes to a close this week I want to thank each of you for the vital work you do every day, and especially over the past year. We have been thrust into unprecedented times, and it is you the Public Safety Telecommunicators who picked up the torch, and ran with it. You came to work every day and worked diligently to protect yourselves, your co-workers, your field responders and the citizens you serve every day. THANK YOU.


    Jon Goldman, RPL
    Atlantic Chapter of APCO