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  • 2021-2022

    Dear APCO Atlantic members,

    It's still hard to believe that this day is here. The journey to this moment has been filled with ups, downs, some stops along the way to regroup, and of course a pandemic. Nevertheless, we made it to this point in time. Not only is it time to reflect but more importantly, look to the future.

    Before 2012, I barely knew much about APCO International or the APCO Atlantic Chapter. That year I attended my first international conference as well as my first APCO Atlantic conference in Stanford CT. Since then, I have been involved at both the international and chapter level and know not only how special it is to be a member of this chapter but how special it is to serve you, the membership of the Atlantic Chapter. Two years ago, you entrusted me to be your next president and I take that trust very seriously.

    As we look forward to the next year, I want to speak about some of the things we (as a board), hope to accomplish.

    First, I want to continue to encourage participation in our chapter. THIS IS YOUR CHAPTER! The Atlantic Chapter has a long list of accomplishments, we must not forget that but also grow that list for years to come. Whether you are a frontline Tele-communicator, a retired director, a Commercial member, or something in between, we are stronger because of you and your involvement. While I am the president of this chapter, you (the membership) are the most important people.

    The struggle of getting more people involved isn't something new or exclusive to us. The Atlantic Chapter represents eight states and about 3400 members. One of these states has approximately 350 members but hasn't engaged at the chapter level for many years. My goal for several years has been to change that. With the appointment of Denise Snyder from New Jersey to serve as an At-Large member of our board, that hope is becoming a reality.

    Following the cancelation of last year's conference and the continuation of our current board, the board made changes to allow for electronic voting should a meeting not be held. While this is a step to ensure the membership can voice their support for candidates, it is still not enough. We should be able to conduct elections in person as well as online simultaneously. Many other APCO Chapters do this, why should the APCO Atlantic chapter be any different.

    At the close of our last conference in Falmouth, a conference review committee was formed by President Goldman consisting of myself, as well as other board and chapter members. We were tasked with reviewing all aspects of putting on a conference and creating a Conference and Expo Manual. When completed, this will be the framework for chapter conferences to be used in the future. This document considers best practices from past Atlantic Chapter Conferences and APCO International, and other chapters around the country. We hope to have this completed in time for our next chapter conference.

    Speaking of next year's conference. The 2022 conference will be held October 30th through November 2nd at the Omni Mt. Washington in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. The conference chair and committee have already started working on making the 2022 conference a success. Please keep an eye out for further details as time gets closer.

    In closing, I want the membership to know, I am available at any time should you have a question, comment, or just want to talk.

    I also want to say thank you to those that have helped me get here today. First and foremost, my mother and father, who on several occasions have asked, "do you know what you're getting yourself into?" To the membership within our APCO Community that have encouraged, mentored, and challenged me to run for the board. You have entrusted me with being your president. I hope I don't disappoint. As the needs and expectations of our members evolve, so too does our chapter. It will take time but remember "Progress, not perfection".
    Be involved, be safe, be kind, and be well!
    Michael Davis, RPL
    APCO Atlantic President-Elect
    Ulster County 9-1-1 Communication Ctr
    Kingston, NY 12401
    (845)338 1440 (Dispatch)
    (845)901 4606 (Cell)

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    As a follow up, here is a list off all the officers and committee chairs.

    President: Michael Davis
    President-Elect: Tammy DeWolf
    First Vice President: Cassandra Leavitt
    Executive Council Representative: Brian LaMonica
    Member at Large: Sue Webster
    Member at Large: Dennis Snyder
    Treasurer E. Doug Hackett
    Immediate Past President: Jonathan Goldman
    CCAM: Michael Mangini

    The committee chairs are as follows;

    Awards: Brian Burdick
    Bylaws: Craig Scholl
    Frequency Advisory: Jim Kowalik
    Historical: Tom Catino
    Media: Charles Vitale
    Membership : James Thomas
    Nominating: Tom Andross
    ProChart : Helene Chapman
    Scholarship: Blair Sutherland
    Training: Erin Hannafin

    For those that have reached out to me looking to get involved with a committee, Someone will be reaching out to you shortly

    Michael Davis, RPL
    APCO Atlantic President-Elect
    Ulster County 9-1-1 Communication Ctr
    Kingston, NY 12401
    (845)338 1440 (Dispatch)
    (845)901 4606 (Cell)


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      Michael, can you free up and more conference hotel rooms, all sold out. Thanks SB


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        The conference chairperson, Mr. Tom Andross is working to address this with the hotel. Please contact him directly if you have specific concerns/questions.