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2016 Conferences - APCO International and Fall Joint Conference Albany NY

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  • 2016 Conferences - APCO International and Fall Joint Conference Albany NY

    Good morning Atlantic Chapter:

    We are less than two (2) weeks away from heading to Orlando for the APCO Conference, this year is flying by us! For those of you who are attending conference, remember there are two significant events for the Atlantic Chapter - one being our Chapter Night Out (Monday night - August 15th) you MUST RSVP to Christina very soon. If you do not RSVP as much as it pains us to say this, you will not gain admittance to the venue. We need to have an accurate head count for BB King's to ensure we have plenty of wonderful food for you to enjoy. The second important event will be our Business Meeting which is also held on Monday prior to us leaving for the Night Out. This meeting fulfills one obligation from the Policy Manual of a required Chapter meeting prior to our Fall Conference. The APCO Conference is full of wonderful professional development sessions and our chance to interact with other Chapters and members and your Board will be there to represent us. The agenda for the Business Meeting can be found on PSConnect in the forums - Atlantic APCO.

    The Fall Conference planning is in full swing and the Conference Committee is hard at work to make this another outstanding experience for our members. I am very pleased and proud to announce that the ENTIRE newly elected APCO Executive Board will be in attendance at the event. The Board will be doing a Town Hall Meeting for the Chapter members. It is has been a long time since this has happened, and no other events will be scheduled during the Town Hall Meeting. This is YOUR opportunity to meet the them, and it's an opportunity that doesn't come often. The Board members will speak about issues that are important to us in our professions and most of all, this is our opportunity to speak to THEM - ask them those questions that you may have wondered about, the "why do they do that" questions. The Atlantic Chapter is known for having some of the most inquisitive minds and we're not afraid to ask those hard questions.

    For a full listing of the program and schedule, go to the Conference tab (blue banner) above and when you click on it you are directed to the Conference page. There you will find the program and the schedule listed. You can also find the listing of exhibitors who are going to be in attendance and those Public Safety Partners who have so graciously given us sponsorship's that will help make the conference a success. There are some wonderful speakers who will be with us in Albany and once again we will have top notch sessions for you. Remember the pre-conference class, "Bullying and Negativity in the Workplace" which is a new APCO class, take advantage of the special pricing and the ability to attend the live session, you won't be disappointed.

    The 50th Anniversary of this Chapter will be a time to celebrate all that we have accomplished and to honor the men and women who have made such an impact on our lives and professions. We have several surprises in store for you, and I'm still looking for those photographs you have tucked away. Several of you have been so kind as to send me those precious photo's, I promise to return them to you in the same condition. Mail them to me for just a little while and I will return them! Past Presidents - you will be receiving a letter from me right after the Orlando Conference, we so want to see you and have you share in this celebration. Registration is still open - come and learn and enjoy!!

    With the Fall Conference it will be time to elect a new Board, Christina is your President Elect and Brian your VP - Charlene your Secretary and E.Doug your Treasurer. We have two Members at Large - Dave Diamond and Michael Davis - Tom Catino is our Executive Council Representative and Michael Mangini is our Commercial Advisory Member (CCAM), I will be your Past President. The experience of being on this Board is something I never thought I would achieve, but all things are possible and I encourage you, look through the Policy Manual - see what the positions are and how YOU elect us. Consider being a part of the Board and if you do want to take that leap of faith, contact the Nominations Committee (you can find the information on this website under "About Us") put your letter of intent in - time can run out on you so make sure you get it in soon.

    This is also the time to look around at your Trainers - Line Staff/Teams - Managers/Directors and Radio Frequency Advisers. You know the jobs they do and all the hard work that is put into making a Communications Center run, now is the time to recognize them. The Chapter Awards link is right under the "About Us" tab (left hand side right next to Fall Initiative). Everything is done on line and submitted electronically. Those individuals who are so deserving would never think to nominate themselves, but they won't be recognized for what they do unless WE do do. Take the time, you only have until September 1st to get the packet to the Awards Committee for consideration. Please take the time you'll be glad you did.

    Finally, a very big thank you to all you that headed the call and responded to the on line petition that we posted on Facebook, 5,000 Public Safety Telecommunicators went onto the APCO site and had their voices heard, we are a little bit closer to the goal, but there is still work to be done. There will be a session in Orlando on this issue and if you can't make Orlando - ask the Board when you see them in Albany!!!

    As always, I am proud to be your President and promise to represent you well in Orlando. Until we see one another again, be safe and train well.