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Conference 2016 & Bits and Pieces

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  • Conference 2016 & Bits and Pieces

    Good morning Atlantic Chapter!

    I hope this message finds you all well and enjoying the final weeks of summer. As we head towards Labor Day so much has happened over the summer and recently within the past few weeks. The 2016 International conference is now a memory for so many of us - this year found an increase in New Attendee's attending conference, there were numerous new sessions that we took advantage of from cybersecurity to networking to training and supervision. As always the Atlantic Chapter was well represented and participated in as many events as we could manage. Our own Charlene Fisk was brought in as a Life Member, the FIRST female life member for the Atlantic Chapter!! Cheryl Greathouse was sworn in as our new President at the Connect and Celebrate Dinner and we are all looking forward to another bright and exciting year.

    Also discussed at conference was the reclassification of Telecommunicators. It is so important for us to become involved in this initiative. Use this link: to become involved, without all of us working together it will be another 10 years before there will be a chance to make this happen again. The above site will give you step by step instructions on how to be involved and what to do, a lot of thought was put into exactly what we need to do and your willingness to help will make a difference. I was privileged to attend the second Presidents to Presidents round table on Saturday morning prior to conference, where once again the Chapter Presidents met to discuss how to continue the networking that we have found to be so valuable, current events within APCO and our Chapters and how to make things better for our chapter members. One immediate outcome was the idea of conference calls between the Presidents based on our regions - think of our Regional Representatives and the Chapter's (states) that they cover, same premise. The first of the calls for the East Coast region will be held in September and our Chapter will be hosting it. Many of the procedures that the Atlantic Chapter has in place are being shared on the PSConnect link for the Presidents, I was proud to offer what we have to the other Chapters for use.

    As I write this I can't help but think of those members who will not be with us in Albany. From Connecticut to New Hampshire to Vermont and New York, we have lost several of our brothers and sisters under the headset in the past few weeks. They were our friends, our family and their absence in our lives leaves a void, but I firmly believe that their hand will be on our shoulders when we need it, and their love for us and what they did for their communities and Centers will always be felt especially when we need it the most. Please know we keep them in our thoughts and prayers and during our conference they will be honored.

    The Fall Initiative is open as is Chapter Awards - follow the links by clicking on About Us in the blue banner above for the on line submission. This is our time to shine and to take advantage of training opportunities. Nominate that trainer - team - supervisor or manager for the work they do, take advantage of the Initiative to attend conference. Because everything is done on line it's quick and easy. This year with the one line submissions for the awards, it is in the format the National will accept so all nominations, regardless if awarded will be forwarded to National for consideration. We have not been able to do that in the past because the application was not in the format that National would accept, this year it is not the case, so it may take a little longer to fill out but the rewards are so worth it!

    In about six weeks we will be gathering in Albany to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Atlantic Chapter at the annual conference. At that same time we will be honoring all those who have come before us during our celebration dinner on Tuesday night. I know I have asked before, but I have to ask again, can you go through those photo's and send me any that you have (with names if you remember them from past conferences so that they can be used for a very special presentation that we are planning. I promise if you send me originals I will get them back to you, and digital is always welcome!!
    We have confirmed that the APCO Executive Board will be in attendance at conference and they will be holding a Town Hall Meeting with our members. You don't get the entire APCO Board at a conference very often and they are coming to meet YOU and help us celebrate our Anniversary. The pre-conference class is beginning to fill up, "Bullying and Negativity in the Workplace" which is being offered on Sunday prior to conference at a special rate. Hotel rooms are also beginning to fill. Go to the Conference tab and you can see the program, the exhibitors who are coming to support us and our sponsors. Register now before it's too late!!!

    As I close, please know how proud I am of being your President. I have had so many wonderful opportunities to meet you all and bring forth your concerns and questions not just to our Board but also to the "big Board" through the Presidents to Presidents initiative. This is a Chapter with a proud history and wonderful members, we are looked up to wherever we go. Enjoy the end of summer. Take time to laugh and smile, talk and share with friends, family and your co-workers. Our time here is short and so precious, make each and every moment count.

    Until we meet in Albany - stay safe and train well,