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  • Morty Leifer Update

    Dear Atlantic Chapter:
    During our business meeting in Las Vegas, the membership was advised of an illness from one of our AFC members. Since that time we have been given an update on his condition. Our friend and colleague, Morty Leifer is very ill, he has had surgery but despite those efforts he is not doing well.
    His wife Felice has asked us to pray for him as they will be married 56 years this November and she wants to continue to be together for as long as possible. She is asking that prayers be strong, asking for a type of miracle that he can function and be with his wife for some more time.
    Felice is asking for NOTHING ELSE, she has the support from family and Morty’s co-workers, so strong healing prayers from us is all that she needs and wants. This Chapter is known for its healing prayer power from our membership, so I am asking that you take a moment and send a healing prayer/thought to Morty and Felice.

    Thank you in advance, and I will keep you posted on any other developments.