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James F. Blesso

 Developing Our Members -------------- Investing in the Future

Revised:  April 22, 2016


            The Atlantic Chapter of APCO is committed to increasing the interest and participation in the programs provided by the association, to increase the impact of the programs to the participants, the donors and the organization, as well as promoting the building of future leaders within the profession and the association.  To these ends, the Atlantic Chapter of APCO has established the James F. Blesso Scholarship.  The Chapter Board of Officers truly feels the developing of our members is an investment in the future.


            A Scholarship Committee has been established and is comprised of the Chapter President, First Vice President, Treasurer, and two (2) members from the Full Member classification appointed by the President.  The Scholarship Committee shall review all scholarship applications received and make written recommendation to the Board of Officers for approval of all James F. Blesso Scholarship Awards.


            The Chapter shall provide 50% of their Annual Dues Income for the purpose of funding the James F. Blesso Scholarship.  The Treasurer shall submit a report to the Scholarship Committee at the close of the calendar year identifying that amount of annual award funds available for the coming year.  This report will include the financial information on funds accrued through membership dues and interest accrued on the Chapter Money Market Account. The Scholarship Committee shall review these figures and make a written recommendation to the Board of Officers prior to the next scheduled Chapter meeting.  The Scholarship Committee’s recommendation shall include, based on the financial figures, the total funds available for scholarship awards, the number of scholarships to be awarded and the amount of each available scholarship to be awarded. The report should also include a summary of the scholarships as they were applied for the prior year.

            Any unused and/or funds not awarded shall not be rolled over to the following year but will be returned to the Chapters general bank account. 


            The APCO Institute ADCOMM will develop a list of approved professional training to which scholarship funds may be applied.  As one of our goals is to increase interest and participation in APCO programs, this list will include all classes provided by the APCO Institute including the APCO Virtual College in partnership with Jacksonville State University. 

It is also the goal of the Chapter to see these scholarships become professional development tools in a diverse and changing industry.  Expert training in areas not addressed by APCO Institute classes may be desirable.  The Scholarship Committee shall use the ADCOMM list as a guideline but as part of its annual recommendation to the Chapter Board of Officers, the Scholarship Committee shall present a schedule of approved tuition alternatives. 

James F. Blesso Scholarship Award Funds may also be applied to registration fees for Chapter and/or National APCO Conferences not to exceed one-third (1/3) of the total scholarship award.  Awards shall apply to books, registration, or other actual course expenses but may not be applied to travel, lodging, meals or any other living expenses. 


            James F. Blesso Scholarship recipients shall return certificates of course completion along with paid receipts for allowable course expenses to the Atlantic Chapter Treasurer within thirty (30) days of course completion.  All courses must be scheduled prior to the closure of the scholarship period and completed within sixty (60) days of the end of the scholarship period.

            Requests for allowable registration fee reimbursement for Chapter and/or National APCO Conferences shall require a copy of the registration form and a paid receipt showing the actual amount paid.


            The James F. Blesso Scholarship goals address developmental as well as educational aspects of career development.  As the oldest and most widely respected organization of public safety communications professionals, APCO encompasses an extremely qualified pool of mentors.  APCO Chapters have an important role as the source of these mentors.  The Chapter will establish a list of members who are willing to serve as mentors for scholarship recipients.  At the request of a scholarship recipient, a Chapter Mentor will be assigned.



            All applicants shall meet the following standards:

  • Be currently employed in the Public Safety Communications field.
  • Have accumulated at least one (1) year of experience within their chosen field with at least eight (8) months of continuous service.
  • Be a member of the Atlantic Chapter of APCO within the “Full” or “Associate” Classification or willing to maintain membership in these classifications during the duration of the scholarship period.
  • Provide with the application, a letter of recommendation from their current employer.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to high career standards with long term goals in public safety communications.
  • Demonstrate commitment to continuing education and self improvement.
  • Submit a completed application within the prescribed time frame.

Application Time Line

            All applications must be received by the Scholarship Committee no later than June 1st of each year.  Scholarship Awards will be announced at the Atlantic Chapter meeting held at the APCO Annual International Conference.  Absolutely no late applications will be accepted.

Application Content

            The application form is included with this program packet under Exhibit “A”.  A complete application shall consist of the following:

  • Completed Application Form.
  • A brief summary of work history.
  • A letter of recommendation from the current employer.
  • All inquiry and response questions answered.
  • Essay on career goals and training objectives as well as an explanation of your demonstration to a commitment to high career standards and commitment to continuing education and self improvement.  Essay should be concise, well written, and between 500 to 1000 words.

Application Submission

            All applications shall be submitted electronically online to the Scholarship Committee (see online submission form below). 

Selection Criteria

            The various sections of the James F. Blesso Scholarship Application, Attachment “A”, will be rated 1 to 5 with 5 being the most acceptable.  The Applicant Rating Scale is shown in Attachment “B”.  The maximum score will be 30 out of 30.

            Incomplete applications will not be scored and/or processed for a Scholarship Award.

Selection Process

            All complete applications will be reviewed and scored by the Chapter Scholarship Committee.  The Committee will then make recommendations to the Board of Officers who shall vote on final approval of the James F. Blesso Scholarship Awards.

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