Fall Training Initiative

Revised April 22, 2016


The Atlantic Chapter-APCO, Inc. is committed to increasing the interest and participation for our members in the training programs and sessions offered at our annual Fall Conference, to promote professional development, as well as encouraging the building of future leaders within the profession, our Chapter and the Association.  To this end, the Atlantic Chapter-APCO, Inc. has established the Fall Training Initiative.  The Chapter Board of Officers truly feels the offering of professional development opportunities for our members are an investment in our future.


Annually, the Atlantic Chapter APCO will provide eight (8) Fall Training Initiative opportunities for a member from each state of our Chapter to attend our annual Fall Conference. 
Each state in our Chapter will receive one (1) Fall Training Initiative opportunity.  In the event that no member from a state applies for the Fall Training Initiative, or the original selection is unable to attend the conference, the remaining available Training Initiative opportunities will be awarded as follows:
First - to an applicant from the state with the most entries.
Second - to an applicant from the state where the conference is being held.
The Fall Training Initiative will cover the registration and hotel costs for attendance for the entire Annual Fall Conference.



All applicants shall meet the following standards:

  • Be a member of the Atlantic Chapter of APCO within the “Individual Full”, Individual Associate”, “Group Full”, or “Group Online” Classification.
  • Provide with the application, an essay describing your reasons for attending the conference and ways this will benefit the professional development of yourself and your agency.
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from the applicant’s current employer to include the ability of the applicant to attend the entire Annual Fall Conference.
  • Demonstrate commitment to continuing professional development and personal improvement.
  • Application must be complete and submitted within the prescribed time period.

Application Time Line

  • Fall Training Initiative applications are accepted from April 1st to September 1st of each year.
  • Fall Training Initiative applications must be received by the Atlantic Chapter Board of Officers no later than September 1st each year to be reviewed for consideration.  Absolutely no late applications will be accepted.
  • Fall Training Initiative winners and their current employers will be notified in writing no later than September 1st. Award letters will include information on the registration process.
  • Fall Training Initiative results will be posted on the Atlantic Chapter website and other social media as appropriate.

Application Content

The application form is included with this program packet under Attachment “A”.
A complete application shall consist of the following:

  • A completed Fall Training Initiative Application Form.
  • A letter of recommendation from your current employer.
  • An essay on your interest in attending the Fall Conference, and the professional development goals for you and your agency.
  • Please include any other pertinent information you would like the Board to consider in your application.

Application Submission

All Fall Training Initiative applications shall be submitted to the Atlantic Chapter APCO Board of Officers via the online submission form (see below).

Selection Criteria

The various sections of the Fall Training Initiative, Attachment “A”, will be rated one (1) to five (5), with five (5) being the most acceptable.  The Fall Training Initiative Applicant Rating Scale is shown in Attachment “B”.  The maximum score will be 30 out of 30.
Incomplete applications will not be scored and/or processed for the Fall Initiative.

Selection Process

All complete applications will be reviewed, scored, and voted on by the Atlantic Chapter Board of Officers. 

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